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What is this Termite Warranty on my home in McDonough, Ga ?

When a Termite Treatment is completed or a Termite Bait system is installed there should an optional renewable warranty covering your McDonough home against Subterranean Termites.


  If it's a liquid treatment, this is a chemical barrier, somewhat like a moat around a Castle. Any Termite foragers will have to go through this material to access the structural members.  If there is activity ,they no longer have access to their colony making them “Lost in Space”. They will then die and perish from lack of moisture. 


Trelona bait Clark pest Remedy mcdonough
Trelona Bait Station with Bait installed.


In both cases, a warranty is issued allowing the homeowner to maintain a Termite Protection Program. Generally, a bait system is a little less to install upfront but the yearly charge is usually a little more due to more service needed. With a liquid treatment or a Bait system, a Quality Annual inspection should be completed. This is where we are inspecting the structure itself for any activity.  If we or the homeowner see any signals of activity, we then take the proper measures to keep control. We also may make recommendations to help all parties involved.

There are termites in the soil all over, but our motive is to keep them from damaging your home.


If you ever sell or refinance your home you will probably be asked to supply a Termite Letter for the Mortgage Company or/and Purchaser.

This report covers more than Termites, so it shouldn't be referred to as a Termite Letter.   The State of Georgia uses the Georgia Wood Infestation Report for all closings. No other report is accepted

This is a liability for the Pest control company in that if any of the conditions are found within 90 days, the company must correct the problem. And they can be held legally responsible for damages.

It also has disclaimers, stating that it is a visible inspection and thus only covers what was visible at the time of inspection

Moisture issues, Drywood Termites, Powder Post Beetles, Old Houseborers, Fungii, and Conducive Conditions are all required to be reported to protect the interested parties- Purchaser.  If any live Termites or live wood Beetles are found the company must treat and correct the property free of charge.

So, I frequently tell people it is of high importance to keep this coverage in place as there is a record of all the annual inspections and maintenance making a purchaser feel comfortable.

Most Pest control companies are concerned about their liability when it comes to Termites and Damage.

Many, will not issue this report unless they have treated the property. It's a good idea for purchasers to hire an inspector that is looking out for their interests as conditions and damage are frequently missed.


We take Termites seriously. I spent many years troubleshooting bad Termite issues all over the U.S.A. with my Termite Detection Dog “Timmy” before I started my own business in McDonough in 1988.

Timmy termite dog
“Timmy The Termite Dog” - Chattanoiga Tenn. 1986


I saw some pretty significant issues and in most cases, it was due to just ignoring the Termite Problems for many years. By simply being focused, knowledgeable, and energetic most problems can be short-stopped before they become real bad issues. There can be problems caused by construction faults-mistakes. Slab cracks, form boards, grade stakes, clearance etc can all cause termites easy entry and are often not visible until damage has occurred.

For instance, I inspected a home for a Real Estate transfer and the purchaser was present for the inspection. Right at the front door, Termite swarmers and 1 tube were found. I explained what it was and this purchaser was ready to walk away because of this. I explained that in Georgia we have a lot of termites and this is fairly normal. It just needs to be treated. The termites had not been there long and were just getting started. If you look at another house it might have hidden issues. At least we know what's happening here and it can be resolved with a Quality termite treatment.  So, it was treated and life goes on. 😎

When there is known activity in the structure, a liquid application is ALWAYS the best solution.

Baits take too long to be counted on for this scenario.


Methods liquid termite treatment mcdonough
Methods - Liquid soil application for Sub-Termites


Termites have been here for a long time and will continue to forage the soil for cellulose. They are actually beneficial in that they take dead wood and return it to the soil. Unfortunately, they don't care if the wood is in your house.

Homeowners have Insurance to cover them from Fires and Storms damages.  Having Termite protection is important for many reasons as you can see.

Baseboard termite damage mcdonough
Baseboard damaged by Termites - McDonough

We have many years of experience with Termites and can put your house under a Real Termite protection program.  If you have a plan in place I suggest you have a copy of your warranty and read it.  Many plans are not as protective as you think.


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