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Commercial Pest Solutions - Atlanta

Our Highly Trained and Skilled Pest Technicians will Inspect and Locate Pest Harborages and Prevent Issues from arising.

Have a pest problem at work? Our educated team of professionals is ready to rid your business of unwanted pest. Click below or call Atlanta's pest experts at Clark Pest Remedy for a FREE pest inspection!

Clark Pest Remedy Commercial Pest Services
Clark Pest Remedy Commercial Pest Services
Clark Pest Remedy Commercial Pest Services


Clark Pest Remedy is a locally owned and operated pest management company in the Atlanta Metro Area providing commercial pest control services for businesses and industrial clients throughout Atlanta, Georgia. Our highly trained pest management technicians can help keep your business or commercial building free of pests and safe for your employees and customers.

Pest Service -- Facilities

Inspection is critical to Pest and Sanitation Results. Our technicians use their eyes and knowledge to initiate the right response for any issues. We are constantly monitoring the account to make sure we provide the very best service for our clients in the Atlanta Area.

Roaches in Kitchens and Food Prep

German Roaches is and probably always will be the main enemy fo any food establishment. We know where they like to hide. We inspect and treat cracks and voids close to food sources. Every situation is a little bit different so we tailor our services to each account. taking a cookie cutter approach to pest control is not an effective way to be successful.

Drain Flies and Fruit Flies

Drain Flies can be a problem because food and other matter get lined on the inside of drain pipes. We have Bio products we can foam into the drain to keep them under control. Fruit flies are present when there is a food source of theirs available. Finding the source and eliminating it is the way to control them.

Rats and Mice

Rats and also Mice can be a very disturbing issue. We analyze the situation and try to remedy by excluding them from the structure along with traps and Baits when called for.

Let's Work Together

Our Commercial Services will keep your property Pest Free in the Atlanta Area.