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McDonough - Atlanta SERVICES
Jackson - Barnesville - Zebulon - Forsyth

We have Services for just about any Pest Scenario.  From our Quarterly Residential Pest Control to our Bundle Packages to Combine Termite and Pest Control Services.

We exterminate and prevent rodents, ants, wasps, bees, spiders, cluster flies, millipedes, box elder beetles, bats, and even bed bugs. Depending on the pest situation, our McDonough pest control services could include interior. exterior, attic, or crawlspace pest control applications treatments.

Our Termite Control specialists inspect and Treat Your home just like they would their own. For most, your McDonough home is your biggest investment. Termites don't bite people, just their pocketbooks.

Call Us For an Evaluation of your home. Serving McDonough, Jackson, Barnesville, Zebulon, Forsyth and surrounding cities.

Our Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments are the Very best method using Electric  Heat to immediately eradicate bed bugs in Metro Atlanta. For more information go to our Bed Bugs page.

Our Specially Trained Team of Bed Bug K9's can inspect your Atlanta - McDonough home or business accurately for Bed Bugs. They are calibrated like a scientific instrument and enjoy working with their handler every day. We have 5 dogs and use all of them on Multi-Unit projects.

Termite Reports or the Georgia WDO Infestation Report is a specific form that is required for most Real Estate Closings. After inspection this report is issued showing the findings. We can provide the inspection and report. This reports holds the inspection company responsible for their report and its findings.

Our Atlanta - McDonough Commercial Pest Control can provide the proper solutions for your facility.  Whether its Roaches, Rodents, Bed Bugs or Drain Flies we have the experience and equipment to keep these problems under control. There will always be new problems, so we stand on guard.

Rats and Mice will invade a home if given the opportunity.

Dog food and Trash cans, etc can attract them and we inspect and seal them out when possible. We have many different tactics we use but keeping them out is a priority. Atlanta and the McDonough areas have seen a rise in calls for both.

This is an area of Expertise for us. We have the Sensor Bed Bug Dogs for Detection along with well trained visual inspectors.

If Bed Bugs are present we use Thermal Remediation Electric equipment. We have trucks and trailers with built in generators to power the Heaters. (no Flame)

Atlanta - McDonough - Macon

Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments

Clark Pest Remedy Pest Control Solutions
Clark Pest Remedy Pest Control Solutions