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Bed Bugs Detection Dogs
K9 - Atlanta

Our Sensor Bed Bug Dog Teams can Accurately inspect your home or Business to find out if there is activity. And Location.. We can do 1 Apartment unit or a Complete Facility. Senior Living - Nursing Homes. Camps, Drug Rehab Centers, etc

Bed Bugs Dogs - Atlanta

We are vision oriented. We talk in terms of vision.

"You should have seen what I saw this morning""   If dogs could talk they would say "You should have smelled what I smelled this morning"  A Dogs main sense is their sense of smell. Our dogs are trained and constantly calibrated like a scientific instrument.

After many, many exercises we constantly build them up to be able to do amazing inspections out in the field. The handler is responsible for the health and well being of the animal. They are never rewarded without verification.  We use the K9's to help us find bed bugs or evidence. We currently have 5 K9's and we love them all like our children.  They are very rewarding to work with as their attitudes are unmatched. Some of our best and happiest clients are ones who found out they don't have bed bugs after all.

Accurate Bed Bug Inspections - Efficient

Our dogs go through rigorous training and calibration exercises. They are monitored constantly for their abilities. Its's really not hard for them when they get out in the field. we prepare them for any scenario.


Senior Living Facilities - Multi-Unit Housing

the Sensor Dogs are a perfect way to manage Senior Living and any other multi-unit facility. With 5 K9's we can swap them in and out, using fresh dogs and complete many units quickly and accurately. Many facilities have us do Quarterly sweeps to stay on top of their bed bug management program.

Our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs in Action

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee the Accuracy and Findings of our K9 Team

We also verify activity.