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We can offer you a career not just a position !

if you have a good driving record. and you are interested in a career being outside and inside. And going to different places seeing different people and different types of structures. Then Pest Control may be your gig. i was just looking for a job back in 1978 and was hired for Pest Control. I thought it would be just a temporary thing until I found something better, right ?
Here I am 43 years later still involved with Pest Control. We have a training program where you learn the basics and then pass a registration exam given by the Ga. Dept of Agriculture. You cannot work alone or on your own until this test is passed. That doesn't mean you are ready for everything we do. But there are many tasks you can accomplish fairly quickly and start moving into a productive position. We pay most of our people on their production which allows them to make a very good living if they stay busy. We have many employees that have been with us for many years. It's because they have a comfortable working atmosphere, a good pay arrangement, the best equipment and training.

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