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ABOUT Clark Pest Remedy

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   I started Clark Pest Remedy In 1988 after being in the industry and working for Others since 1978. I was initially hired by a large company and didn't know any more about bugs than anyone else. I thought it was just going to be a temporary scenario until I found my CALLING !

   I found that I really enjoyed the business. Really liked going to different houses with different problems. 

I took my job seriously and really became a very good Termite inspector. 

    I met a guy that trained Termite dogs and went to work learning how to apply a K9 to Termite inspections. I found it. My calling !  It was hard work but rewarding working with my dog.

     So I completed thousands of houses for Termites using my Famous "Timmy the Termite Dog"  Many around Atlanta knew of him. the company that I was doing most of my work for sold to a National Company.  That was not going to work for me so I spent a couple of years doing Defense Contract  inspections on Military Base Housing. I enjoyed the work but I have a family and small children and was away from home too much.

   Henry County was starting to grow.  So I decided to just stay home and start my own business at home.

What a Blessing !  I do believe God was guiding us.

 We have been here since 1988.

Henry County and McDonough area was one of the fastest growing areas in the USA for many years and is still experiencing heavy growth. I have been involved in my community coaching Youth Sports as I have 2 sons and a daughter that played everything.

My daughter is in Insurance and My youngest son is in the U.S. Air Force serving our Country. My oldest son Matthew has been involved in our business for 12 years now. He started out killing Pests and Termites and has gone through all the processes and licensing. He is now the Designated Certified Operator for our Office. Matt was a part of the Henry County High Baseball team that won the AAAA State Championship in 2005. (Big Thrill for Us)

My wife - Melody has been our Bookkeeper from the very beginning and she runs the inside office. I don't think we would be as successful had we not had her help.


 Matt's wife - Ashley works in our office also.

Its somewhat common to have a child or dog(s) in our office.

Our company is run somewhat like a sports team in that everyone has to work and mesh together as a team to get the positive results we want and need. We also apply this concept to Pest Control.

We are Truly a Family Owned Local Business - Let Our Family Help Yours