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McDonough Area Pest Control Service

Have a pest problem at home?

Call Clark Pest Remedy in McDonough today to protect your home from ants, roaches, fleas, & other pests intent on moving in. Peace of mind is important.  We are a Family Owned and Operated Local McDonough Pest Control Business.

  • We inspect and treat your home as we would ours.

  • Your family and pets are for us to protect, not to harm. Many insects are not harmful and are not Structural Pests. 

  • Our Experienced and Trained Technicians can properly identify and find the right solution for your situation.

  • Our Quarterly Residential Pest service is just the right amount to successfully keep pests out.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have been around McDonough - Metro Atlanta since 1989.

Our family has grown just like the area we live in.

Many things have changed but not our policy to back up any services we provide with an ironclad guarantee of satisfaction !


Pest Control FAQ's

Our team understands the unique pest control needs and challenges of the Henry county County Area. Whether you need small creature removal or a termite inspection, when you choose Clark Pest Remedy you are choosing the most experienced exterminator in McDonough, Georgia

If you have pest problems, Clark Pest Remedy has the solution!

Why hire a local McDonough pest control company ?

Property owners choose to hire a pest control company for many different reasons. Often it’s because they want to ensure an infestation is taken care of quickly. Safety is also a concern. Many people aren’t comfortable with handling pesticides on their own or handling the insects. In some cases the insects themselves can be a health hazard. Roaches and mice are just two examples of pests in Georgia that can transmit diseases.

Your treatment options are also limited if you don’t use a pest control company. Only certified pest control technicians can handle certain pesticides. This means many of the most effective solutions are only available through professional pest control. 

Our McDonough technicians are trained to identify the cause of the problem and understand the various treatment options that can eliminate the pests ASAP. This can save you money in the long run by minimizing damage done to the property. 

What happens when an exterminator comes to my home or business ?

Treatment Depends on the problem you are experiencing. All of our visits start with an inspection to analyze the situation, find out what’s causing the problem and determine the best method of treatment. From there the process is unique for each customer because we customize each treatment.


Are pest control chemicals harmful ?

As one of the few local, family owned pest control companies in McDonough,Georgia we are heavily invested in keeping our community and customers safe. The health of your home and family is our top priority. We only use pest control chemicals for their approved purposes, target their use and practice safe disposal.

Most pest control chemicals are completely safe to use around a home or business when they’re properly administered. Your pest control technician will make you aware of any precautions that need to be taken, such as keeping pets off the lawn for a specific time period.

We always encourage customers to ask questions and voice their concerns. If you have questions about the safety of specific pest control services, please give us a call.


How often pest control should be done for a location in McDonough ?

We typically recommend that property owners get quarterly pest control services at a minimum so you’re covered throughout the entire year. The season can also be a factor. For example, in McDonough it can be highly beneficial to schedule a mosquito treatment every month during the summer.

If you’ve experienced destructive and harmful pests like termites, poisonous spiders, wasps, fleas, ticks or other flying insects you may want to consider regular follow up services for at least a few months after the initial treatment.


When should I call an exterminator?

You should contact a pest control company immediately if you see signs of an infestation. This includes seeing swarms, droppings, insect body parts or dead insects. We understand that some property owners prefer to handle the situation themselves. Some do-it-yourself treatments are effective, but just remember every day that passes without a solution the infestation and damage can grow worse.

If you see signs of termites you’ll need to set up a termite inspection as soon as possible. It’s critical that you get a professional termite treatment right away to minimize the damage. Other destructive pests like carpenter ants, carpenter bees, mice, rats and other small rodents can also compromise the structural and electrical elements of a home or business. Also only a Licensed Operator can issue a Termite Report for a Real Estate closing.

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