Macon Bed Bugs Removal

At Clark Pest Remedy we serve the Macon area with Bed Bug K-9 dogs and Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments.  Our highly trained and experienced technicians will rid your home of these unwanted pests.  Give Us A Call Today

Clark Pest Remedy Macon Bed Bugs Removal
Clark Pest Remedy Macon Bed Bugs Removal
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Detection First.

The first thing we do is identify and make sure that it is bed bugs indeed. If we or you don't see any evidence, we offer K9 - Sensor Bed Bug Dogs to help us make sure. The most Accurate Method there is.


Evaluation and Estimate

If Bed Bugs are Present we evaluate the treatment process and make any necessary recommendations. There are always questions. We have many years experience with Bed Bugs in the Metro Macon Area.


Thermal Remediation Heat Treatments - Guaranteed

Our Heat Treatments provide the end game for Bed Bugs. They can't survive in Temperatures above 119 degrees. We heat the entire interior and use Fans to move the heat in and around. Treatment Warranty


Sensor Bed Bug Dogs can Detect or Clear

These incredible dogs can easily detect even the smalles amount of bed bugs. They help us find the bugs as we collect evidence before we proceed.

Macon Area Cities Served.
  • Zebulon

  • Barnesville

  • Forsyth

  • Lizella

  • Thomaston

  • Griffin

  • Jackson

  • Milledgeville

  • Flovila

Clark Pest Remedy Macon Bed Bugs Removal

Professional Equipment Engineered for Bed Bugs Extermination.

Clark Pest Remedy Macon Bed Bugs Removal
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Clark Pest Remedy Macon Bed Bugs Removal