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Bed Bug Detection: The Benefits of K9 Detection and Heat Treatments in the Atlanta and Macon Areas

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Are you in the Atlanta or Macon area and looking for an effective way to detect and eliminate bed bugs? Sensor bed bug dogs are a great solution! Learn about the benefits of using a Sensor bed bug dog in the Atlanta and Macon area, as well as how they work and how bed bugs are detected.


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a species of small, flightless insects belonging to the genus Cimex. They are reddish-brown in colour, flat and wingless, and are spread worldwide. Bed bugs are found in both the tropics and temperate zones. Bed bugs are thought to have first appeared in the New World during the late 15th century, but they are thought to have been present in Europe for centuries before this. Bed bugs have a tendency to hide in cracks and crevices in furniture, mattresses, and other items where they can be difficult to detect. They are especially drawn to signs of human occupancy, such as luggage, clothing, or linens that have been recently used.

They are attracted to humans CO2 emittance . Bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, but they are a nuisance because they can cause a wide range of symptoms in their hosts, including itching, rashes, redness, and swelling.

bed bug atlanta bed
Bed Bug found in Atlanta Bed


Sensor Bed Bug Dogs Georgia, Detection

This article tells the story of a man who uses 5 specially trained dogs to inspect houses for signs of bed bugs in the Atlanta and Macon Georgia Areas.

The Dogs are 98% accurate in detecting bed bugs, and can be helpful in early detection of an infestation.

Sensor Bed Bug Dogs in Georgia use their acute sense of smell to detect the presence or absence of bed bugs and their eggs, which is a much more effective method than traditional visual inspections. Pest control companies increasingly claim that using bug-sniffing dogs is the best inspection method for finding low level infestations, as these dogs can detect the presence of bed bugs and eggs in places humans cannot reach. Furthermore, evidence shows that Sensor bed bug dogs are more successful at detecting both adult bed bugs and their eggs than traditional methods alone.

sensor bed bug dog logo
Sensor Bed Bug Dogs Logo

Clark Pest Remedy , a leading pest control company in Georgia, uses its 5 trained bed bug

detection dog for complete inspections of Residential Homes, Senior Living, Nursing Homes and many Multi-Unit living areas. We rotate them in and out like a sports team. That way we can get a lot of units completed with fresh focused dogs.

The canine is a highly specialized tool that can quickly and accurately locate live bed bugs or viable eggs. They do not respond to dead bugs, skins, excrement marks. This way we can bring the dogs back after treatment for quality control.

The canine inspection is an important step in confirming a pest problem and making treatment recommendations. It eliminates the need for costly treatments without evidence of an infestation, or taking multiple treatments to get rid of the bed bugs. Does away with treating for guesswork.

William Hudson, certified K9 handler walks the dog through the total treatment area, sniffing out any odors that could indicate bed bug

activity. If the dog alerts, it gives the handler and pest management professional evidence to begin a treatment plan to

eliminate all stages of bed bugs present.

Sensor Bed Bug Dogs- Georgia Detection specializes in using highly trained canines for bed bug detection services. Our canine

pest detection is a valuable resource for companies in the pest management industry, as our canines are able to detect infestations of bed bugs faster than traditional methods and without having to pull up flooring or destroy clients' properties. Our canine handlers are experienced and well-trained, being able to detect even the smallest possible pest


With Sensor Bed Bug Dogs - Georgia Detection, you are getting a reliable detection service that uses evidence provided by our K9 response and finding live bugs.

bed bugs eggs couch atlanta
Bed Bugs and Eggs on couch in Atlanta

Clark Pest Remedy started doing K9 bed bug work in 2008 and since then, we have used the dogs to detect bed bugs in homes and apartments, as well as hotels, schools, assisted living complexes, hospitals and Group Homes etc.. Our Sensor Dogs can

usually spend only only a few minutes on each house or hotel room to detect any presence of bugs.

For larger complexes such as hospitals or schools it may take about several hours for our dogs to check for bed bugs. An average 1 bed room unit takes about an average of 4-5 minutes.

This is why we have five bug detecting dogs on staff. Our dogs are all trained in bed bug scent detection and have experience in prime bug detection conditions.

At Sensor Dog - K9s, we understand that bed bugs can spread quickly if not contained, which is why our dogs receive hundreds of hours of training with our Quality Control specialists.

Our detection dogs have been tested and certified for bed bug detection with a 98% accuracy rating. We have a training center with furniture setups and they are calibrated like a scientific instrument daily.

Bed bugs are an increasingly common problem for households and businesses in both the Atlanta and Macon areas.

Not only are they difficult to detect, but they can also cause great distress and disruption to a home or business.

Fortunately, Sensor Dog - K9 detection and Thermal Remediation heat treatments are two effective methods of detecting and eliminating bed bugs from an infested premises.

bed bug heat treatment setup atlanta
Bed Bug Heat Treatment Setup

K9 bed bug detection is a reliable way of identifying bed bugs in the early stages, while heat treatments are able to effectively eliminate them from the premises without leaving any potentially harmful chemical residue. Both of these methods are fast, effective, and cost-efficient, making them a great choice for those looking to eliminate bed bugs from their home or business.

Clark Pest Remedy provides visual inspections, K9 Bed bug inspection and Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments. We warranty all of our bed bug inspections and treatments. And we must have evidence in order to go forward with a treatment. its not just the financial loss. The client may be looking in the wrong direction. There are many things that can cause skin issues. Bed Bugs are just one of them. We will not do a Treatment for Bed Bugs unless we have evidence that bed bugs are present. A skin issue is not evidence of Bed bugs. What you receive from a Family Owned Business like Clark Pest Remedy is the Truth. Whatever that may be.

bed bug heat truck atlanta macon
Bed Bug Heat Truck Atlanta - Macon, Georgia Area

Bed bug detection methods

Sensor - K9 bed bug sniffing dogs - Bed bug detection is often achieved with the help of specialized dogs that are trained to detect the presence of bed bugs in a home or business. K9 sniffing dogs are specially trained to detect the scent of bed bugs, meaning that they have a much higher success rate at locating bed bugs than humans. K9 detection dogs can be used for both indoor and outdoor detection, so they can detect bed bugs despite their hiding places. - Indoor pest inspection - Bed bug detection can also be achieved with the help of an inspection from a licensed pest control professional - Clark Pest Remedy. These professionals can use a range of detection methods to locate bed bugs, including bed bug monitors, visual inspection, and K9 detection. They can also use a range of treatment methods to eliminate bed bugs from a home or business, including Thermal Heat Treatments. Visual inspection - Indoor visual inspections are commonly used to detect bed bugs in commercial and residential buildings. Inspectors are trained to look for signs of bed bugs, including blood stains on mattresses and cracks where bed bugs could hide. They can also look for signs of bed bugs in other areas of the premises, such as dryer lint filter, pictures, etc..

Thermal Remediation Heat treatment

When bed bug infestations are found and evidence is collected a heat treatment is used to eliminate bed bugs from a premise without damaging the interior of the building in any way. Heat treatment methods typically involve placing electric heaters in the rooms strategically raising the interior temperatures to 130-135 degrees. Heat treatment can be effective against bed bugs, and gives immediate control. Summary of the benefits of K9 detection and heat treatments for bed bugs in the Atlanta and Macon areas K9 detection dogs are able to detect bed bugs in the early stages, when they are difficult to spot. They are also able to detect bed bugs in hard-to-reach areas, such as behind the mattress. Indoor pest inspectors can detect bed bugs in commercial buildings, which are difficult to inspect manually. Visual inspections can detect bed bugs in areas that are difficult to access, while heat treatment can eliminate bed bugs without causing damage to the building. Both types of treatment are effective at eliminating bed bugs without harming people or pets in the building.

bed bug heat treatment 10th floor
Bed Bugs - Senior Living Treatment - 10th floor.


Benefits of K9 detection

Reliable - Bed bug detection with a dog is a reliable method of locating bed bugs. Dogs have been proven to be effective at discovering small amounts of bed bugs. This makes it a very reliable method of detection, as it will not miss any bed bugs in the building. - Cost-efficient - The cost of a bed bug detection dog varies depending on the length of time the dog is used for the service and the number of inspections carried out by the dog. For example, This is much cheaper than hiring a bed bug inspector who would have to inspect the same building multiple times and be very invasive.. - Another advantage of using a bed bug detection dog is that there is no need to use any bed bug products while the dog is working. This is because the dog is able to detect the presence of bed bugs without disturbing them. - No discomfort for the dog - The dog used for bed bug detection is not harmed in any way during the process. It is trained to detect certain scents, so it is just directed to sniff for certain items that have been infested with bed bugs.

Can be used in multiple locations:

Bed bug detection dogs can be used in a number of different locations, so they are not limited to being used in one building. This means that they can be used for both indoor and outdoor inspections, which makes them more cost-effective. - Fast service - Most bed bug detection services deliver the results within many weeks or months., but you do not have to wait around for an inspection or results. The dog’s work can be inspected immediately after completing the inspection, so there is no need to wait for the results. - No risk of leaving traces

A heat treatment uses heat to eliminate bed bugs from an area without damaging the building in any way. This means that there are no traces of treatment that can be detected by building inspectors or used to argue against a building’s safety. - No risk of spreading bed bugs - Another benefit of using a heat treatment is that it is non-invasive. This means that it is unlikely to spread bed bugs to other locations, making it more effective at eliminating an infestation.

william-aaron-bed bug dog - atlanta
William with Aaron - wants his treat. After Success.

Whether you are a homeowner with one residence or a property manager with thousands of units. We can Help !

Call Us at 770-957-1915 for a free consultation. Don't get steered in the wrong direction.


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