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Ants are the number one pest around McDonough, Georgia

Of all the calls we get around McDonough and Henry Co. Ants are number 1

They are just a big nuisance and seem to show up at the worst times.

Ants feeding McDonough Georgia
Argentine Ants feeding on Ant bait

Knowing the species of ants is critical to solving the problem. Argentine Ants are the more popular species in this area.

Most of the time they go after sugars inside of a residence. Moisture is also a magnet. Keeping the counters wiped down helps. Recommend 401 for counters.

They are amazing at being able to find small drink spills or sweets. They can be very frustrating to eliminate.

Carpenter ants McDonough Georgia
Carpenter Ant foraging in Mcdonough

Carpenter Ants are the larger ants. Usually black but not always. They are very much drawn to moist wood. If you see them consistently in an interior area you may want to check for some type of leak in the area. I've seen many times they will lead you to wet wood. They also get in rotted tree limbs and roots. So check trees close to the house. They do not eat the wood but carve it out to nest in.

As professionals we have many different tools in the toolbox around Henry, Butts, Lamar County areas.

1. We now have sprays around the exterior that do an amazing job at curtailing ant activity. These materials have a very small amount of active ingredient and has a transfer mechanism allowing them to transport and share this mechanism - ingredient.

2. We have baits which attract ants and they unknowingly also can take this product back to nests. We like to rotate products for better control.

No matter what type of ants you encounter, we have the expertise to solve the issue. Our quarterly pest service includes an exterior treatment targeting ants, and roaches.

Call Us at 770-957-1915.

Clark pest logo McDonough georgia
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