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How To Keep Your Home Termite-Free: Clark Pest Remedy's Guide

Introduction to Controlling Termites in the

McDonough, Georgia Area.

Termites house dog humor

As the weather warms up, termites begin to swarm. Swarming is the process of termites leaving their current colony in order to mate and start a new one. If you happen to see termites swarming around your home, it’s important to take action immediately in order to prevent an infestation.

termite swarmers - reproductives - McDonough
Termite Reproductives - Swarmers - McDonough

While there are various methods of termite control, the most effective method is to create a liquid barrier around your home. This barrier will keep termites from getting inside and will also kill any termites that come into contact with it.

Another effective method is to install a termite bait system. This system uses termite-attracting cellulosic bait to lure termites into a baited trap. Once the termites have been lured into the trap, they will be killed before they have a chance to infest your home.

In addition to these two methods, it’s also important to have yearly inspections by trained technicians. These technicians will be able to identify any potential problems and will also be able to provide you with a warranty in case

termite entry points - McDonough
Ways Termites Enter Homes from Soil

Clark Pest Remedy’s Guide to keeping your home termite-free:

Clark Pest Remedy is a leader in the industry when it comes to termite control and prevention. Their comprehensive guide to keeping your McDonough area home termite-free offers a comprehensive explanation of the process and provides helpful tips for creating a safe and healthy home. Their guide covers everything from the importance of termite prevention to Clark Pest Remedy’s termite prevention tips. It also provides methods for identifying, preventing and treating termite infestations. This guide is an essential resource for homeowners who are serious about protecting their homes from termite infestation.

The importance of termite prevention

Termites can cause significant damage to homes if left unchecked. In fact, if left untreated, termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage and also compromise the structural integrity of a home. That is why it’s so important to take proactive steps to prevent an infestation. In addition to preventing costly damage, termite prevention is also important to maintaining the health and safety of your home. Furthermore, termite damage can also weaken the structure of your home, making it less safe to live in. When you decide to sell your home this can cause problems. We always recommend you keep your home in the condition to sell if you needed to.

For these reasons, it’s important to take proactive steps to protect your home from termites. The earlier you identify an infestation and take steps to eradicate it, the less risk you will have of suffering costly damage or health complications.

Clark Pest Remedy’s Termite Prevention Tips:

Clark Pest Remedy’s termite prevention tips are designed to help homeowners prevent and combat infestations. The first step is to make sure your home is free from any possible hiding places for termites. This means removing wood, cardboard, and other materials that termites may use as a food source. Secondly, if you do have wood around your home, make sure it is not in soil contact and there is inspection clearance. Doing this will help to prevent termites from entering your home. Thirdly, assure the foundation of your home is in good condition. Make sure any cracks or openings in your home’s foundation, walls, or attic are filled and sealed. This will help to keep termites out. Even though termites have the ability to enter a 1/32 inch crack.

Fourthly, monitor your home for signs of termite infestation. This includes looking for piles of damaged wood or mud tubes near your walls or foundation. If you do see signs of infestation, contact a professional (that would be us 😎) right away to get rid of them. Finally, it is important to call in the professionals if you suspect there may be an infestation. While you can take preventative steps to keep your home termite-free, only a professional can properly identify and eradicate a termite problem.

Be Proactive

: The best way to keep your home termite-free is to be proactive. Don’t wait until there is an infestation to take action. Being proactive involves regularly monitoring your home for signs of termite infestation, as well as taking preventative steps to prevent an infestation from occurring. If you are proactive about controlling termites, you can reduce the risk of costly damage and health complications. Regular inspections and preventive measures can help to detect and eliminate any potential termite threats before they become a problem.

Inspect Regularly

: As previously stated, it’s important to regularly inspect your home for signs of termite infestation. Look for termite mud tubes or damaged wood near the walls or foundation of your home. If you do see these signs, it’s important to contact a professional immediately. It’s also important to inspect your home’s foundation for hidden cracks or openings. These can provide termites easy access to your home’s walls and attic. Repair any cracks or openings you find right away. Keep Your Home’s Foundation in Good Condition: Keeping your home’s foundation in good condition helps to preserve the structural integrity of the home and also prevents termites from entering the structure. It is important to regularly inspect the foundation for cracks or openings. Fill and seal any holes found.

Seal Up Cracks and Openings

: In addition to keeping your home’s foundation in good condition, it’s also important to seal up any cracks and openings in the walls or attic. Doing this will make it harder for termites to gain access to the inside of your home.

Remove Sources of Moisture

termite damage hadwood floor mcdonough
Termite damage hardwood floor - moisture - McDonough

: Moisture is a major attractant for termites. In order to help prevent an infestation, it is important to eliminate any sources of moisture from around your home. Repair any leaky pipes or fixtures and make sure to thoroughly dry any standing water you may find.

Monitor for Signs of Termites

: Monitoring your home for signs of termites is an important part of keeping your home termite-free. This involves looking for signs of termite droppings or sawdust near the walls or foundation of your home. If you do see these signs, it’s important to contact a professional right away to get rid of them. Call In the Professionals: If you suspect you may have a termite infestation or if you would like to take preventative measures to keep your home termite-free, it is important to call in the professionals. They will be able to identify the problem and provide a comprehensive solution. Professional services are the most reliable way to get rid of termites and will help to protect your home from future infestations.

Conclusion: Termites are a common problem in the McDonough area and can cause a great deal of damage and other complications if left unchecked.

That is why it’s important to take proactive measures to protect your home from an infestation.

If we do a Liquid Barrier treatment,1 year after treatment we have a warranty program where we come out once a year and do an inspection. If any signals of activity we take action and treat and monitor.

If you have our Bait system we check the bait stations regularly and also include a thorough inspection. If any activity is found we will apply the proper technique to keep them under control.

The best way to keep your home termite-free is to use Clark Pest Remedy

Call Us Today at 770-957-1915
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