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Termites in McDonough, Georgia

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

I have been inspecting and treating houses for termites in the McDonough area since 1988 !

I have seen many different scenarios and a lot of termite damage over the years.

The biggest problem I see is when people ignore termites and their property. Termites in general don't do a lot of damage quickly. However we are in a high threshold area for termite activity. Homeowners insurance does not cover Termite damage or treatments. Here's an example of Termites hiding behind drywall. They don't like light or open air. They live underground. So they hide in areas that are more like being underground. Behind walls, insulation, flooring.


Here are some picture examples of what can be inside those areas.


Too many times I see significant damage that could have been easily prevented with proper termite treatments and inspections.

What about those bait stations ?

Termite Bait Systems didn't exist until the late 90's but is popular for environmental reasons.

In my opinion they are excellent for prevention if serviced properly and inspected annually.

These bait stations are a series of inground devices. Some have cellulose and then baited when activity is found. Newer technology has bait pre installed, with less monitoring checks.

The worker termites will feed on the bait which has a growth regulator embedded. The bait will suppress or eliminate Termite colonies.

Liquid barrier treatments are best if live infestation is present. We have some excellent termiticides available to us. If used properly they can be very effective in controlling termites.

These materials are expensive compared to termiticides in the past but very effective with less active ingredient.

No matter what you choose for your McDonough home we have it all available.

We have Termite Warranty packages you can renew to keep your property protected from Termites. These warranties can be transferred to a new owner should you sell your home. This is a selling feature, as everyone worries about buying a home with damages.

We also have bundle packages where you can have us take care of your pest and termite needs in a package deal where we keep up with the proper intervals and inform you when your services are needed and schedule. You can also add mosquito prevention.

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