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How Clark Pest Remedy Is Helping Keep McDonough, Georgia Roach-Free with Their Quarterly Service ?

Introduction: What is Clark Pest Remedy and How do They Help with Roach Control?

We are a locally owned and operated Family business, We h ave been in business in the McDonough, Ga. Area since 1988. We have treated thousands of McDonough homes successfully. Clark Pest Remedy can guarantee results by having the best technicians using the best products and equipment.



What Services Does Clark Pest Remedy Offer for Roach Control in McDonough, GA?

Depending on what Roach species is being found, Clark Pest Remedy has the right option for the problem. If it's German Roaches, which are Interior -Kitchen - Bathroom pests, treating cracks and crevices is critical. American and Smoky Brown roaches require exterior and other methods.

In Georgia we have many different type roaches. It's important to provide the proper techniques for all.. Normally our Quarterly Pest Service is effective for control of all species of roaches. But we do focus on the problems we and the customer find. And then prevent future issues. There may be some conducive conditions that also need to be corrected. Communications is key.

Roaches extermination McDonough, ga. Clark pest remedy
Cracks and Crevice treating roaches in McDonough, Ga.


How Effective is Clark Pest Remedy's Quarterly Service in McDonough, GA?

Our quarterly pest service is very effective because we use the proper techniques and products for a particular species of roaches and this breaks their reproductive cycle. Over a fairly short period you will notice the difference. Our success rate for eliminating roaches is guaranteed. If we need to come back, we come back at no charge. We do what we need to do to win !

dead roach- Clark Pest Remedy treatment
Legs Up - After Treatment

This is an American Roach. Some call them "Palmetto Bugs". Sounds better ? Heard a story that people from the North that moved to Florida many years ago renamed them. 😎. You can call them whatever you want but it's an American Roach. They can live in trees nearby. They love to hang out in attics around the gutter areas. And crawl spaces - and chimneys.

Firewood piles - debris.

Our largest roach, may grow to 1-1/2 inches (35 mm)

It is reddish-brown or mahogany with light markings on top of the thorax (the body division that bears the wings and legs)

Matures in about seven months.


Leaky gutters, moist wood , around windows and doors attract them. Firewood needs to be stored away from house.

Exterior Treatment - Barrier - Helps but doesn't get to the root of the problem. We go into the attic and crawl space with a granular bait. This is very effective and over time is the best method of control. We perform this usually during the winter months, preparing for Spring.


Smoky Brown Roach

Relative of the American roach

Common in the south, traveling on plant material, and fruit

A little over 1 inch long, and both sexes have wings that are longer than the abdomen

Dark mahogany color is striking

Nymphs are also darki brown

Antennal tips of young nymphs are white, and the base segments of the older nymphs antennae are white

Found in damp, dark, and poorly ventilated environments

Rarely infest the dwelling part of buildings

Normally found in sheds, wall and roof spaces, sub-floors, mulched areas, and in and around

grease traps and drains

Often a pest in greenhouses, nurseries and garden

Can fly short distances in warm weather and are often attracted to lights at night


German Roaches:

german roach mcdonough georgia
German Roach - McDonough, Georgia

Commonly called Water Bugs - German Roaches. This is the Roach that food establishments are constantly fighting. They are almost always brought into the interior of a structure in boxes or food bags. Usually found in the kitchen and food storage areas. Whenever we see them in other areas that's usually a signal of heavy infestation.

German Roaches can be a health hazard and should be eliminated from your structure as soon as possible.

Considered an aesthetic pest

The action threshold for this insect depends upon the tolerance of the people living in the infested dwelling

Most people associate roach infestations with poor sanitary conditions and typically go to excessive lengths to eradicate them from their houses


What Makes Clark Pest Remedy the Best Choice for Roach Control in McDonough, GA?

We are not a National Company. We have been in McDonough on Jodeco Road since 1988. Our reputation in this area is unmatched. Our technicians are trained to do it right ! We take pride in having our customers Roach - Free !

We always will take care of our customers needs. Not only do we have the expertise to take care of any Roach issues you may have, we also understand affordability and will try our best to be as cost conscious as possible. We all want Value !

We have several types of Roaches in McDonough Georgia and surrounding areas..

Give Us A Call at 770-957-1915 for an estimate or to schedule.

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