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Termite Control

The Evaluation and Inspection of a Structure for Termites and other Wood Destroying Organisms is Very Important! !

Any treatments or non treatments are performed or not performed due to the inspection results. Our  experienced inspectors know Termites and also Construction. We will give you an accurate assessment and treatment recommendations based on results of the inspection. We have many tools in our Termite Toolbox !

Liquid Barrier Treatments 

Liquid Barrier Treatments have been successfully completed for many years. The products have changed, but is still the best way to solve a termite issue quickly.

Termite Bait System

Our Termite Bait System is great for controlling Termites in a preventative way. Also fabulous for sensitive scenarios.

Vapor Barriers - Crawl Speces

Many crawl speces install a vapor barrier during construction. We provide this service when needed. Helps to keep the moisture content of the wood lower.

Powder Post Beetles - Old Houseborers

Occassonally we find powder post beetles or Old Houseborers. Analyzing them for activity can be challenging but we have experience with these situations.

Free Evaluation

we will inspect your home and give an estimate if needed. No Pressure. We just don't know what, or if it needs attention without looking.

Moisture - Ventilation

Ventilation and keeping moisture down in a crawl space can save you money and problems in the long run.

Trouble with Termites?
Click to chat or call Clark Pest Remedy - McDonough
today to get your problem Under Control Our trained professionals will identify and eliminate your termites in McDonough. Call us today for a free inspection.  

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