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Why Are Bed Bugs So Difficult To Eliminate ? Atlanta Georgia

  1. Bed Bugs Are Extremely Resistant To Pesticides !

  2. They Love Cloth and Wood and Transfer With Them

  3. They are elusive !

Consumers Don’t Usually Know Much About Them !

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Recommendations : Do Some Research ! Of course if you are on this blog you are probably getting started at least. Knowledge is powerful. Even with Bed Bugs ! Get a Top Notch Inspection and Make Sure You Are Dealing With a Knowledgeable Company. Everything Else Feeds Off Of The Inspection. Treatment Recommendations are Based on Findings. To Eliminate Bed Bugs you must be focused on detail. The Electric Outlet Plate in the above picture was heavily infested and not hard to detect. However at some point there was infestation in the plate and no visual evidence from outside. As the infestation grew then evidence became visible. We for instance perform Thermal Remediation Heat Treatments however we also use Dusts in Voids like this.

We Also Recommend Mattress, Box Spring and Pillow Encasements

Bed Bugs Box Spring Encasement Clark Pest Remedy

Click the Link Above to Look at all of the Sizes and Qualities Available To Purchase Online !

For Professional Inspection Service and Thermal Remediation Heat Treatments when necessary go to Bed Bugs Atlanta

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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