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What is the Best Method of Treatment for Bed Bugs in Georgia ?

OK, I know I have Bed Bugs, Now What !

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I started reading about the problems in the Northeast and it was apparent we were going to get With The Surge of Bed Bug activity in Georgia a lot of homeowners and consumers do not really understand what it is they are dealing with. Bed Bug have not been around the Atlanta area really until about 7 years ago. That is when the surge began. They were eliminated in the U.S. back in the late 50’s with DDT. They however were never eliminated throughout the world and with so much International travel they were reintroduced up in the Northeast about 16 years ago and have spread all over the U.S. from there.

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Our company had been in business since 1989 however we not anyone else had much to do with Bed Bugs for many years. All of a sudden we have a new problem that most Pest Control Operators were not really fine tuned for, You add their amazing resistance to pesticides and travel and we have a problem on our hands.

We started by having training classes to familiarize ourselves with what type of response and action needs to be taken. After some training we started getting a few calls and did about 10-15 jobs using pesticides very thoroughly like the training classes had shown us. Almost every job was a nightmare. I would go back to accounts 4 that supply the power for thedays later and see bed bugs nesting in areas I had just treated. Very frustrating for an operator to see this resistance in the field. At that point I decided I was either going to find a better method or I would back off Bed Bug treatments. I have a longtime friend and Associate (Paul Bello) who is a Entomologist and Researcher. I was discussing my findings with him and he told me about research he had done using heat to kill bed bugs. After much research it was apparent to me this was the way to go. Looking at equipment manufacturers we decided Electric was a better fit than Propane. We were right about that. We first purchased a 4 heater trailer unit. Over time we were very successful with this method and we now have 2 more 6 units trailers and a large 8 unit box truck with 4 crews going all out with bed bug treatments.

These all have generators that provide the power for the heaters. We then run a cord into the residence usually through a window and then seal it. At that point we plug the main line into a large junction box that has multiple plugs like a large computer strip plug. We then place the electric heaters strategically inside the unit and plug them in. After starting the generators we turn the heaters on and the heat slowly rises. During the heat up time we do some additional treatment of common nesting areas and electrical outlet areas. It usually takes about an hour or 2 to get the Heat up. We heat between 130 and 135 degrees. Once we reach temp we hold for about 3-4 hours. A typical treatment takes 5-6 hours. We also use fans to move and swirl the heat around so it enters cracks and cloth much better.

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If you think you may have a Bed Bug Issue first get it evaluated properly. Define what needs to be treated first. Proper Preparations are very important to be successful.

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