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What is a Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs ? Macon, Atlanta, Georgia

A Heat Treatment is when the temperature of the inside of a housing residence is raised to above 120 degrees for many hours.

a Laptop with Sensors placed inside the unit being treated.

While Bed Bugs have resistance to pesticides, they have zero resistance to temperatures above 115-117 degrees. We use Thermal Remediation Equipment, which is Electric Powered Heaters powered by our Diesel Generators. The Treatment Also is Monitored by a Laptop with Sensors placed inside the unit being treated. Wireless connection allows the Technician to monitor the temperatures from the exterior or nearby.

Above (click the screen) is a YouTube Video about our Thermal Heat Treatments with some fine Classical Guitar by Al Dimeola playing in the background

Part of the process is to use high velocity fans which move and swirl the Heat around the unit evenly. Somewhat like a convection oven. It usually takes us about a half hour to set up the equipment. Heat-Up Time can vary depending on Floor and Wall coverings and space to be heated. It usually takes about an hour to 2 hours to reach above 120 degrees. We keep climbing up to and not more than 135 degrees. When the Heat is at 120+ the adults will immediately start dying. The eggs however take a much longer time exposed to make the egg non-viable. We hold the heat for at least 4 hours. The folded clothes and blankets along with other thick cloth items need to be addressed during the treatment also. This can be done by drying clothes in a dryer and then placing them into new trash bags. Or we also can put them in ventilated laundry baskets and tumble them manually every half hour.. If there are an abundant amount of clothes it is best to use the dryer and trash bag method. After the treatment is finished we recommend putting Encasements on Box Springs and Mattresses. You can buy them online also here. Online Encasements With Encasements we can give a 90 day warranty on treatments. We take all Charge Cards, Checks, and of course Cash. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call at 770-957-1915 – Main Office. If you have an Emergency with Bed Bugs you can call our almost 24 hour Bed Bug Hotline at 678-873-5785 for questions and Bed Bug Counseling. Published by: Garey Clark Date: 04-16-2014

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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