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Weird Ways People Get Bed Bugs – Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Georgia

I have found some strange ways that people obtain bed bug infestation.

The normal ways we see are

1. going on trips (Hotels)

2. and also picking up used furniture.

However there are many ways you can pick them up.

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I had one young lady that lived in a small condo by herself. She found 4-5 bed bugs and had been fighting them for a few weeks. Finally she gave up and called us in. I found a few but it was a little odd in that they were nesting more in the den than bedroom. I asked if she traveled – No I asked if she had brought any used furniture in – No She had no neighbors with a problem. I then asked if she can think of anything that she had brought in her unit in the last couple of months. When I said that she looked over at a painting on the wall. She said “I just thought about it and you know I bought this painting on Ebay from a man in Canada.” I went over and took it off the wall and there were 4-5 bed bugs behind it in the frame. There was also a significant amount of excrement behind it.

So she bought an infested oil painting and paid for shipping that started her infestation.

I have had multiple customers that are convinced they got them from a do-it-yourself moving truck. You have no idea what was in that truck for the last few weeks. Commercial Moving Companies are having problems with bed bugs. Furniture Delivery people are now not taking used items back. Even new furniture can be infested if stored with infested items.

Visitors bring them in. Unfortunately you can have people into your house that have infestation at their house. The Bed Bug eggs can be easily spread from one home to another. We see it all the time. One family member gets them and they spread to other family members homes. This Christmas we fully expect to get some calls a few weeks later where bed bugs have been brought in by visiting family or friends.

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I hear people blaming the hotels. But people brought those to the hotel. Until the hotel knows about it all they can do is be proactive.

They can’t inspect every bag and item that is brought in. These extended stay hotels seem to have the worst problems which makes sense. You need to have a general idea of what bed bug infestation looks like and do an inspection when you first get into the room.

If you will check behind the headboard that is a common place we find them in hotels. Look for the Black Excrement (Sharpie Markers) like in the picture above as that is their signals.

If you are having a problem with bed bugs in the Atlanta, Savannah, Macon areas give us a call at 770-957-1915. We have inspectors that will come over and do a free evaluation, If, and only if bed bug evidence is found we will give you an estimate for Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatment. We heat the infested treatment area up to 130-135 degrees. We also use fans to distribute the heat and point it into closets, towards drapes, etc.

Bed Bugs have no resistance to temperatures above 118 degrees. The adults will start dying immediately. The eggs however need to be exposed to the heat for at least 2 hours to make them unviable.

Even fairly heavy infestations can be eliminated in one treatment.

Also we offer a 90 day warranty on our treatments and stand behind them.

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Call Us At 770-957-1915 or Email gclark@clarkpestremedy.com

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia


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