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Using K9 Dogs to find Bed Bugs in Georgia and Hilton Head Areas !

Bed Bug Dog Atlanta

If you wake up with bites after a trip or visit it is common to wonder if it’s Bed Bugs. Did you notice anything odd while you were there ? Did you see any bugs or excrement ? Could I have brought them back home ?

If you did, you most likely didn’t bring many. So, if say you brought 3 bugs and some eggs back. It may take some time for those bugs to find you and the eggs to hatch and become instars. It may be a few weeks before you would notice anything obvious. It also may not be Bed Bugs. We have people go to mountain areas and go hiking through the woods and wake up the next day with bites. There are a lot of insects in the woods that can bite you but it won’t be Bed Bugs there.

Bed Bugs Hilton Head

Using the Sensor Bed Bug Dogs can help you determine the absence or presence of Bed Bugs !

Sensor bed Bug Dogs Georgia

They can find even the smallest amount of live infestation. At that point you will know what is going on.

If you have activity we can provide a

Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatment

Bed bugs heat Macon
Heat Treatment Georgia

We offer a 60 day warranty with Treatments.

Call 770-957-1915

Or visit us at ssensordogs.com

Or clarkpestremedy.com

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