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The State of Bed Bugs in Georgia !

We have noticed a steady increase of calls concerning Bed Bugs in Georgia as time goes on. We get a lot of calls from people saying they are getting bites but have not seen any bed bugs or signs of bed bugs except for some bites. Mosquitoes are particularly heavy this year due to the amount of rainfall we have had. There are a lot of standing water areas and that is where mosquitoes breed. So we feel in a lot of cases they are mosquito bites. Fleas are also prevalent especially this time of year. They generally are going to bite below the waist but not always. I had one lady that was convinced she had bed bugs even though she had not observed any. She did have a lot of bites around her abdomen from something. We searched and inspected her whole house. We then used the Sensor Bed Bug Dog and he did not find anything. She then told me she had awakened and found a tiny bug crawling on her stomach at 3am and she put in on a piece of tape. It was so small I could not honestly tell what it was. Upon magnification we determined it was a seed tick. I called her and asked her if she had been in the woods or garden. She told me she had spent a few hours in the garden the same day she started getting bit. Boom ! There ya go.I told her to launder the clothes she was wearing and take a bath or shower and she had nothing to worry about except to remember where she was if she goes back ion her garden. By the way the 3 in a row bites with Bed Bugs is a myth. If you look at pictures of people with bites there are all kinds of combinations and I feel certain Bed Bugs can’t count. In closing I will tell you that just because you may be getting bites they are not always bed bugs. Our company policy is that we do not want to treat for Bed Bugs unless there are concrete signals of activity.Be really careful with treatments until you are certain you have them. It is not just morally correct. It is also a terrible situation if you treat and the bites continue because it was not Bed Bugs to begin with. Here is a picture of some Bed Bugs I took with my phone this morning on a Couch.

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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