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The Bed Bug Situation In Georgia !

Georgia moved from #22 to #15 in Bed Bug Infested Cities Last Week !

What does that mean? It just means that we are now infiltrated pretty well by Bed Bugs in Georgia. We are finding activity in Multi-Family housing quite often and places like Assisted Living and Nursing Homes are starting to get infested pretty consistent. For instance facilities that allow the tenants to bring furniture and bedding from home seem to have more infestation than the facilities that provide beds and bedding. In other words the tenants are bringing them in from their home into these facilities. Even without bringing in their furniture from home they still commonly bring in Bed Bugs in their clothing or items from their home. In some facilities the tenants go out and bring items in off the side of the road or from dumpsters.

Bed Bugs Atlanta Georgia Clark Pest Remedy

It is no longer unusual for a facility to have a Bed Bug problem. In fact now it is the norm. We use our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs to detect bed bugs in these type facilities. They help us by alerting to areas of activity which then we can easily find evidence in most cases. We also provide Heat Treatments which is the most effective type treatment. (Bed Bugs have no resistance to temperatures above 117 degrees). In some facilities you almost feel like you are beating your head against a wall. I have seen units treated and be bug free for 1 year and then bring them in again. In facilities where the tenant is not responsible for the cost of treatment cooperation can be a problem. (Imagine That!) In other words if its on the house don’t worry about it. You would think not getting bit by bugs during the night would be enough motivation but that sometimes is not the case. Some of these tenants know nothing about bed bugs and unknowingly spread them all over a facility.

Common areas can be a point of spread. Many of these facilities have common areas with couches,televisions and pool tables. If these areas are infested they can be easily spread throughout the facility. We use a lot of Bed Bug monitors. These can be put on the bedposts and couches to monitor activity.

bed bugs monitor clark pest remedy atlanta georgia

The cost for treatments for some of the management companies is extreme. How can a management facility get cooperation from their tenants. They absolutely must demand cooperation or they will keep paying for treatments. Being proactive instead of reactive is the key !

For more information about Bed bugs in Georgia go to Bed Bugs Clark or call 770-957-1915

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