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Students Frequently Fighting Bed Bugs in Athens, Georgia !

Because students tend to be transient and often move or share furniture they also tend to get Bed Bugs (scientific name: Cimex lectularius Linnaeus (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cimicidae) )

Athens,Georgia home of the University Of Georgia (Go Bulldogs !) has so many students living in dorms or apartments. Sometimes they move into infested units and more often than not they transport bed bugs into the unit. Someone gives them a chair. They do not know its infested and Boom they are infested. Below is a magnified picture of an infested chair I found last week. Two other people had checked this chair and did not have any findings. Notice all of the little white eggs.

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If you understand how bed bugs work they are not as hard to locate. They love cloth and rough wood.

They avoid slick surfaces like glass and plastics. The number one place we find them is in box springs. Couches and Mattress are probably tied for 2nd. However when people disturb them they will spread to other areas for they do not like to be disturbed. I have a theory that we seem to find them more in headboards in Hotels. I think it is because the housekeepers change the bedding every day and disturbance level is high. So they will go behind the headboard and hang out until the next meal checks in. Most Bed Bug inspectors over time will admit that they usually find no or little evidence in mattress and box springs in hotels. Much more evidence is found in headboards.

Students will spend nights at other students units and may not know that unit has infestation. Of course it is always possible for you to pick them up at theatres and gathering places. While it is not as likely, it is getting more possible every day as the amount of infestation spreads.

Also if you are a student and you are moving into a rental property read the lease carefully !

There is most likely bed bug language that holds the tenant responsible for bed bugs. If this is so be sure to have that unit professionally inspected before you move in !

I have seen multiple cases where it sure appears that the infestation was present when the new tenant moved in. If so they should not be responsible for bed bugs. The average cost for a bed bug treatment can range from 500-3,000 dollars. For the landlords it is a financial drain. However they must have those units inspected on turnover or the addendum can not be as easily enforced. They usually paint and sometimes install new carpet and this covers up bed bug evidence in a lot of cases. Landlords can use the Sensci Monitoring Lure to put in units during turnover procedures. These are very effective stations. We have been using them for a few months now and have entered them into our program.

We also think there are some students that rent Moving Trucks or Trailers. Who used that truck to move last week, and the week before that ? Don’t be paranoid about bed bugs but knowledge is powerful. Just familiarize your self with them and their habits and you shouldn’t have a problem with them.

If you have any questions about our Bed Bug Program which includes Inspection, Treatments with Thermal Remediation Heat Equipment, and Follow Up ! We also have classes we can give for Maintenance Departments Or Housekeeping to help familiarize them with the insects.

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Bed Bug Hotline – 678-873-5785 Author: Garey Clark Published: 2-23-2015

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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