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Sensor Bed Bug Dogs – K9 Can Help You Manage Bed Bugs

Places like Senior Living Facilities where you have a lot of people living tightly together in the same building or complex can be very difficult to manage a Bed Bug situation in. We do a lot of Quarterly sweeps of these facilities to help manage the bed bug situations.

We have numerous clients that when faced with a spreading bed bug problem did not know what to do. With our Sensor Bed Bug Dog inspections we can keep the introduced bed bugs from spreading by finding them quickly and eradicating them.

Sensor bed bug dog

Sensor Bed Bug Dog Checking Bunks at a Camp.

If you are only reactive to complaints you may find yourself with 30-40 units with bed bug infestation. We have seen triple that on a few occasions.

When managing a facility like this, education is also important.

We provide classes and information for your tenants periodically to teach them how they can keep from bringing them in and how to recognize them if they are.

We also provide Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments for eradication.

The Inspection is the key. Everything feeds off the inspection results. Our dogs can complete many units quickly and accurately. Many clients are nervous at first but after they see the results they keep going with it continuously because they see the benefit. It saves you lots of treatment money and headaches by being efficient.

bed setup bedbugs savannnah

If you manage a place like this give us a call at 770-957-1915. We can help you get your bed bug issues under control.


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