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Protection for Frequent Travelers!

I get asked by customers and friends frequently “How can I protect myself when staying in Hotels”

If you are a frequent hotel or resort resident I recommend that you get a suitcase encasement for your suitcases. These can be found at www.mattresssafe.com They have a bed bug proof zipper just like the mattress encasements do. When you check in and go into your room the first thing you do is go into the bathroom with your suitcase. Take your encasement out of the suitcase and unfold it. Take your toilet articles out and place them in the bathroom. Unzip your encasement and place your suitcase inside of it and zip it up. While you are there you will have to unzip the encasement every time you need something out of your bag. Be sure to put your worn clothes in a plastic bag and put them inside the encasement. Bed Bugs are attracted to worn clothes because they have the human scent on them. Do not put your suitcase on the bed. Do not take your clothes out and put them in dresser drawers. Just in case it is a good idea when you get home to leave your suitcase in the garage or outside and take your clothes and put them straight into the dryer. Put about a half a load in there at high heat for 15-20 minutes. This information is provided by Clark Pest Remedy. More info about Bed Bugs and their Control can be found at www.clarkpestremedy.com

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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