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Population Increase for Bed Bugs – Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Hilton Head

We are finding a surge in Bed Bug activity in high traffic rentals. Beach or Mountain rentals are having higher numbers of infestation in Georgia.

Bed Bugs in Savannah

Bed Bugs Atlanta McDonough

It’s a roll of the dice for these property owners when they rent their units out whether it be through a property management or AirBnb type situation.

If the renters come from an infested environment and they drop some off, the property owner is faced with a dilemna .

What do you do ?

Well, first thing you should do is verify activity. Some unscrupulous renters will claim they were bitten or saw a Bed Bug (usually near the end of their stay) and of course want a refund at the least. We had one that we checked and the only way they would refund is if they had their personal home inspected and never heard another word from them. We have had multiple situations like that occur. Until there is activity found the property owner only has a few things they can do to help prevent bed bugs dilemnas.

  1. Put encasements on Mattresses and Box springs. This disallows bugs brought in from access to box springs or mattresses and make them much easier to detect

bed bugs encasement

Passive Bed and Couch Post Monitor

Bed Bug Bedpost Monitors

  1. If you have a pest control service communicate your concerns and have them check it for signals while they are there. If they don’t seem concerned or knowledgeable you may want to consider switching to someone that does. Like Us ! 770-957-1915

  2. Education – If you have someone maintaining property if you can make sure they are familiar with Bed Bugs and evidence of such

bed bug classes savannah

Education Bed Bug Classes in Savannah Senior Living

  1. K9 Bed Bug Dogs are the very best method of determining activity in a structure. You can have an inspection as needed or on a quarterly basis. A property owner can use the dogs to battle false claims if there are truly no bed bugs there.

bed bug dog savannah

Bed Bug Dog Inspecting in Savannah

If you are having a problem with Bed Bugs give us a Call at 770-957-1915 and We can answer your questions and give you the real scoop on Bed Bugs. We will not recommend treatment on guesswork. Find Evidence and then map out a successful treatment strategy. We use Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Equipment. Much Safer (No Flame) and more effective because the heat is very even throughout the structure.

  1. K9 Bed Bug Dogs can help manage Multi- Unit Properties.

  2. Sensor Bed Bug Dogs – K9 Can Help You Manage Bed Bugs

  3. Hotels and Bed Bugs in Georgia !

  4. Using K9 Dogs to find Bed Bugs in Georgia and Hilton Head Areas !

  5. Be Careful with Used Furniture and Bed Bugs !

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