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Multi-Unit Housing in Atlanta Battling Bed Bugs Every Day

Why Is There Such A Problem With Bed Bugs In High Rise Units ?

There are many reasons why this problem exists and will continue to exist. For one thing you have a lot of people living within close proximity to each other in small units. There are common areas in these buildings where tenants group to watch TV, play pool etc. If these areas have infestation they can easily spread back and forth to living units. Unfortunately these tenants are more likely to get a used mattress or box spring. They also are more likely to bring in infested items they have picked up or have been given. Because Bed Bugs are so small we find that tenants have them for quite a few months before they realize it.

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One problem with some facilities is education. Sometimes people will get infested and decide to discard their mattress and box spring thinking that will solve their issue. They drag the mattress down the hall past 20 other units. Take it into the elevator down through the lobby and out to the dumpster. They may not realize it but they are spreading eggs and bugs in their journey. Any infested furniture should always be wrapped before taking it out of a unit. Then we have the problem where someone goes by the dumpster and sees a decent looking Mattress and decide they would like to have it and then they drag it up to their unit.

We provide Educational classes for tenants and staff to make them more familiar with Bed Bugs and their habits. If the tenants and staff understand how they spread it helps sooo much. If you manage a multi-housing development and want more information.

Call 770-957-1915 and we can schedule a Free Educational Bed Bug Class for YOU !

or go to www.clarkpestremedy.com

We can even bring Bennie the Bed Bug Dog for a Demo of how Accurate he is at detecting live bed bugs.

Middle Georgia area go to www.maconbedbugs.com

Bed Bugs Atlanta Area Website Bed Bugs Atlanta

Savannah and St. Simon area Savannah Bed Bugs

Outlying Rural areas around Georgia Bed Bugs Clark

Bed Bugs Hotline – 678-873-5785 Information and Mild Counseling.

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