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Managing Bed Bugs in a Senior Living or Nursing Home Facility

What Steps should be taken to properly manage a facility such as this for Bed Bugs ?

1. Education

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This is often times overlooked. We offer free educational classes to make sure the staff/and or tenants know the basic information they need to know to identify a problem and keep it from spreading throughout a facility. Some management get a little nervous but they always are glad they made the decision to go ahead with it.  I also have some training classes on my youtube channel for small groups or single employees. This can be done with a cup of coffee and a bisquit in just a few minutes.

2. Detection 

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Our K9 Team  can inspect one room, one home, a whole facility or high rise. This is the most efficient and accurate way to determine areas of activity

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The dogs are constantly calibrated much like a scientific instrument. Their sense of smell is thousands of times more acute than ours. With a well trained human inspector/handler the team together can do some wonderful detection work and save money and spread.

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Many times there are visual signal of activity. This should be reported and responded to very quickly if possible.

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Excrement marks, skins, or live bugs can be found in many areas around where people sleep, or gather.

Designing the proper treatment plan is based on detection and is critical to the success of maintaining a Bed Bug Free Environment.

3. Bed Bug Treatments

We use Thermal Remediation Heat Equipment. This is specially engineered Electric Heat Equipment built for this type of treatment.

This is the most effective method for elimination of Bed Bugs. Why ?  Because Bed Bugs have no resistance to temperatures above 120 degrees. They have a lot of resistance to the pesticides on the market today. And it fills the entire area up with the temperatures giving them no place to hide.

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We also use some pesticides around the edges of the room for containment. Dusting the wall plates is also important.

4. Encasements for mattresses and box springs.

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Encasements disallow future access to the mattress and box spring. It also serves as a secondary line of defense against any survivor bugs or eggs. With some materials being used it also helps protect you from exposure to any insecticides that may have been used. Not only by us but also by the tenant or homeowner. It is very common for self treating to occur before we are called in.

We install these at the end of the treatment process.

5. Follow up Inspection and Monitoring. After treatment has completed a monitoring program with K9 Inspections or Visual Monitoring should be set up in order to be proactive in this area.

Call Us at 770-957-1915 to discuss starting a Bed Bug Program for your facility. We have a program from start to finish. Bed Bugs are a manageable insect to control but you must be proactive or you can find yourself with a really large problem. We have had Senior High Rises call in with 40-50 infested units. This is not an enjoyable situation for anyone involved.

We can help you with ideas to help manage your situation efficiently.

For more info go to: clarkpestremedy.com savannahpestcontrol.net hiltonheadbedbugs.net maconbedbugs.com bedbugsatlanta.net

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia


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