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K9 Bed Bug Dogs can help manage Multi- Unit Properties.

With Sensor Dogs and Our Electric No Flame Heat Treatments You can efficiently keep bed bugs under control.

Senior Living facilities can keep bed bugs under control by using K9’s to do regular sweeps of all units.

Our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs can inspect a unit accurately in just a few minutes without tearing beds apart. Less intrusive and much less costly. We have had many facilities with numerous units use the dogs to identify and keep under control. They save you money by not allowing the problem to spread. We will carry numerous dogs with us and rotate them in somewhat like a baseball team. They work every day which keeps them sharp. They are only rewarded when bugs are verified. They love to work !

We price the inspections on a per unit basis. We can generally complete 150-200 units in one day. After which the client knows exactly how many units have bed bugs and which ones. By doing this Quarterly it really keeps the spread down between units.

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Any time you have numerous people staying together, there is a bed bug risk. For instance, you send your child to a summer camp if some type. Of all the kids that attend, how many of them have a bed bug issue at their homes ?

We sometimes get all of the back packs and spread them out and let the dogs check them before they get into the cabins. We don’t get that opportunity often, unfortunately. Once they enter a cabin they will find a host and then harbor in an area close to hosts. They can get into your child’s clothes and be brought home. And now you have an issue.

Be careful and be focused. I you think you may have an issue and want to know. For sure give us a all. This is the best inspection on method there is.

These dogs are calibrated like a Scientific instrument. They know the difference between bed bugs and other insects just like you know the difference between red and blue. We are vision oriented. They are not.

Call Us at 770-957-1915 for info or to Schedule. clarkpestremedy.com

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