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I have some bites. Is it Bed Bugs ? How do I find out ?

We get many calls from people that have some type of skin irritation or bite marks. This can be disturbing waking up with these issues. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to Slow Down and follow the protocol.

  1. Don’t throw furniture or clothing away.

  2. Look for bed bugs or black excrement marks on Mattress

Bed bugs mattress Macon

seams and Ceiling-Wall area first.

Bed Bugs On celing Atlanta, Ga.

Bed Bugs on Ceiling – Atlanta

3. Once you have determined their presence if you plan to use a pro please stop tearing the place apart as this may make them spread when they are disturbed.

4. If you don’t find any evidence then check the bottom of the box springs for the same evidence. Then Headboard, Frame and Nightstands. If there is no evidence please do not start treating.

5. In this situation I would recommend calling in the Sensor Bed Bug Dogs for an inspection. They can accurately define the absence or presence of Bed Bugs. This can either end your worries or expose a small infestation. If it is a heavy infestation you will always be able to find visible evidence.

Bed Bug Instar in Statesboro

Thermal Remediation Heat Treatment in most cases. This is electric heaters and fans that are designed and engineered for this type treatment. Built in Generators supply the power for the heaters.

7. We also use a new Biological Material called Aprehend in some situations. This is a fungi material that is non-toxic to humans but lethal to bed bugs.

If you are having a possible issue with Bed Bugs give us a call and we can guide you through the proper steps to eliminate these bugs from your home.

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