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I Have Bed Bugs In Atlanta, Georgia. What Do I Do ?

First of all you Must Verify that it is Bed Bugs !

There are other insects that bite or feed on blood and leave skin marks. If you think you may have them try to locate them and inspect without disrupting the mattress and box spring. Look for their fecal stains which are black small marks that look like someone took a Sharpie Pen and made dots with it.Bed Bug Treatments are expensive ! I understand how people want to try to eliminate them on their own due to the high cost of successful treatments. If you attempt to eliminate them yourself be careful not to over-treat with pesticides. Foggers are not very effective against Bed Bugs and pesticide gets all over everything. Yuck ! Diatamaceous Earth (DE) is probably one of the best products for a homeowner to use. You can get a bag of it at most hardware stores for 8-10 dollars. The problem with DE is the delivery of it.

If you can find a Bulb Duster like this

Bulb duster bed bugs dust clark pest remedy

The dust can be put in and you can crack and crevice dust instead of throwing it all over the place. Breathing any kind of dust is not good for you. Get a Dust Mask and USE it ! Also Eye protection is recommended.

You can treat the mattress, box spring, frame,screw holes, cracks, headboards, nightstands, electric outlet plates etc. Any areas near the host and work outwards. Clothes should be run through the dryer for 30 minutes on High Heat. Encasements for mattress and box springs can be bought at WalMart or Bed,Bath and Beyond. among other places. You can order them online at Mattress Safe.

In most cases you will find 90 percent of the Bed Bug Population near the Bed (Host). Before you inspect mix up alcohol and water 50-50 in a spray bottle in case you find a nest.Alcohol works well for live bugs. Also get some empty baggies to have close by in case you find something you want to save for ID.

You must be very thorough. One screwhole missed and the problem continues. It is very difficult and tedious. Here is an example of a Bed Bug nesting in a screwhole.

bed bugs screwhole atlanta georgia clark pest remedy

If you try these and you still get no results then my friend you need a professional unless you enjoy being a food source for bed bugs.

We provide Heat Treatments In the Middle and North Georgia Areas. The Treatments Typically take 6-7 hours. We also give a 90 day warranty on our treatments and have had a lot of success !

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