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I Have Bed Bugs. How Did I Get Them ?

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Most people that get bed bugs after doing some investigating can usually determine where they picked them up. These are the most common ways we find.

1. Picking Up Used Furniture (Beds,Couches,Recliners, etc)

2. Traveling – Visiting Hotels or Resorts – Visiting Family

3. Obtaining Used Clothing

4. Having Visitors that have Bed Bugs Visit You.

5. Buying used household items that have unknown origin

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Throwing Away Furniture Is Not The Answer !

You May Be Throwing A Major Part of the Population Away However Unless You Get Them All You Will Still Lose The War!

They will nest in Electric outlet plates, behind baseboards, in drapes, behind headboards and nightstands.

After regular feeding reproduction can replace the population very quickly. A Complete Thermal Remediation Treatment is the Most Effective Method for Controlling Bed Bugs in a structure.

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All Of Our Units Have Built In Generators To Supply Power For Our Heaters Which Are Placed Inside The Area Of Treatment and Connected To Generator. The Process Generally Takes 5-6 Hours But Can Vary.

Evaluation To Confirm Bed Bug Activity is a must. Once activity is confirmed then treatment plan is activated. We can give you an exact price at time of evaluation along with our findings.

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