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How To Keep From Bringing Bed Bugs Home

How To Keep From Bringing Bed Bugs Home!

I get asked all the time. Don’t you worry about bringing bed bugs home with you? The answer is YES. My wife is actually more concerned than I am. I try to make sure when I am doing a treatment that I don’t sprawl out over the bed or rub up against the infested area until we have the heat up to temp. 122 degrees. We take that bottom screen off of the box springs and instead of ripping it off we cut it with a razor knife to keep from flinging the bed bug eggs and nymphs on us. But it could still happen. (Don’t tell my wife)

When I get home from doing a treatment I strip down in the garage and take my clothes straight to the dryer and dry them for about 20 minutes.. This will kill all stages of bed bugs. (As long as your dryer has a good heat element). Below is a picture of all stages of bed bugs. The eggs and nymphs are so very tiny. The adults are about the size of a tick.

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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