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How Do I Know If I have Bed Bugs in Georgia ?

Most people relate bites to bed bugs, however 30% do not show a mark after a Bed Bug feeds on them.

Also there are many things that can cause a mark on your skin. There are other insects that bite or feed on humans. There are also times that people have reactions to things like changing their laundry detergent. Or maybe they are having a reaction to some medication ?

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Many times it can be difficult to find activity. However they constantly are making excrement marks and they like to stay around cloth and wood. So if you will look for their excrement marks on mattress seams and under the box spring you will usually find some evidence in those areas.

bed bug excrement, bed bugs,clark pest remedy

The excrement marks as in the picture above is actually in liquid form when it is laid. If it is on fabric or rough wood it will actually soak into the cloth making a permanent mark that you can not scratch off.

This is recycled blood. If you see these marks and /or the insects it is best to call a professional. These insects are very difficult to eradicate. They are extremely resistant to most pesticides.

Mixing alcohol with water 50% in a spray bottle will kill them on contact as well as pesticides and is much safer to use. DE may help but you will find it tough to eliminate this problem.

We at Clark Pest Remedy use Thermal Remediation Heat Equipment to eliminate Bed Bugos.

Cimexa (Bed Bugs) cannot withstand temperatures above 117-118 degrees. We heat the infested area up to 135 degrees and use high velocity fans to distribute the heat evenly and uniformed through the area. We have units with generators that supply the power for the heaters. A Typical treatment can take between 6-7 hours and is monitored with a computer to track the entire treatment process. For more info about Bed Bugs go to Bed Bugs Atlanta or give us a call at 770-957-1915.

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