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How Do Bed Bugs Spread ? Atlanta,Georgia

Bed Bugs Spread Easily in Clothing or Furniture

Bed Bugs and their Eggs can easily be spread from one unit to another. The eggs have a gluey solution that makes it easy to adhere to cloth and rough wood. You can simply visit an infested location and sit in an infested chair and take eggs or adults home with you. Watch the Video below and notice all the little white specks. Those are all bed bug eggs. There are many adults however you are more likely to take eggs home.

What Do I Do If I Think I May Have Infested My Clothes with Bed Bugs ?

Before you enter your home change your clothing if you can and put infested clothing into the dryer and dry on high heat for 30-40 minutes. Keep any possible infested items out of the living area of your home.

You Can Pick Them Up In Hotels and Resorts !

Do not put your suitcase on the Bed. Do not take your clothes out and put in dresser drawers. If you travel frequently I suggest you purchase suitcase encasements from Mattress Safe as they are the only ones I know that make a suitcase cover. If not plastic trash bags will do nicely. As soon as you check in go straight to the bathroom and take toilet articles out. Place your suitcase in cover or plastic bags and tie or seal up. Don’t forget to put your dirty clothes in a seperate bag and place inside. You will have to go in and out of the cover every time you want something however you will decrease your odds of taking them home by 90%.

Visitors !

I have had many homeowners acquire bed bugs by visitors. Family, Friends, Romantic Encounters etc can be a risk if they are coming from an infested environment.

Its great to be kindhearted but be careful !

If you think you may have a Bed Bug Problem call the ONLY Cimexa Experts in Georgia. We have Sensor Certified Bed Bug Dogs for Detection. We use the new Sensorsci Monitoring lures. (They work great !) We have Thermal Remediation Electric UL Approved Heat Equipment.


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Author – Garey Clark Published : 02-16-2015 Pest Control and Bed Bugs Experts.

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia


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