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How Did I Get Bed Bugs ? What Do I Do Now ? Atlanta, Georgia

If You Have Bed Bugs How Did You Get Them ?

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We have found that Bed Bugs are usually transferred into a home by many different ways.

Here are some of the most common ways of obtaining Bed Bugs.

1. Used Furniture

2. Travel (Hotels, Resorts,Camps)

3. Used Clothing

4. Infested Visitors

5. Visiting Infested Relatives or Friends

I have seen some odd situations that are unusual.

I got a call from a young lady that lived alone in a very small condo. We confirmed Bed Bug activity.

I always try to determine how the customer obtained them, so hopefully it won’t happen again. I asked her if she travels. She said she had not been anywhere in a long time. What about used furniture or used items brought in. She said “No I have not brought in any new furniture.” OK you or someone brought them in somehow in some type of item. I saw her eyes turn towards a painting on the wall. She told me she had bought this painting on Ebay from a person in Canada. I went over and took it off the wall and there were 3-4 live Bed bugs behind it. There were many excrement marks at the top of the back. Solved. She paid $300 for the painting and paid to have it shipped to her. About 2-3 weeks later she noticed she started getting bites and occasionally seeing the Bed Bugs. Solved

I had a lady living in a Senior High Rise that had a very clean and uncluttered unit. But she had Bed Bugs. I could not figure out how she obtained them because she had never had them around her unit.

She had not traveled in years. She had not brought any furniture in. I told her someone had brought them in. I asked “Have you had any visitors?” She told me “I am a good hearted person and I had a Nephew that was in a homeless shelter and I let him stay here for 3 weeks” Solved.

I am a big believer in trying to figure out how they were brought into the home. This is how we learn.

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If you find Bed Bugs in your home “What Do I Do”

1. Quit Throwing Out Furniture. (This is not the Answer)

2. Try Not To Disturb the Situation. (This causes them to scatter)

3. Call a Professional ! (There are many problems you can cure on your own but usually not these)

4. Try not to transfer items in the infested area to other areas of the home.

5. Use your dryer as a small heat chamber for clothes. 30-40 minutes on high heat.

6. Save Up $ ( Bed Bug Treatments are expensive)

Cost of Treatment : Whole House Heat Treatments usually cost about $1 to $1.50 a sq ft.

Plus Mattress and Box Springs Encasements which vary depending on size.

Sectional Treating – Many people try to save money and just treat the known infested area.

You can get burned with this. If there are any eggs or bugs outside of the treatment arena the infestation will arise again. We want to eliminate the problem not suppress it.

If you have Questions or Concerns about Bed Bugs give us a

Call at 770-957-1915.


We have been completing Heat Treatments in Georgia for over 8 years and have completed Thousands of them Successfully.

We also do Pest Control and Termite services for other problems.


Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia


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