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How Did I Get Bed Bugs in Atlanta, Georgia ?

If you have bed bug activity it is likely they hitchhiked into your residence. While it is possible for them to crawl from an heavily infested unit adjoining your unit it usually does not happen that way. In a high rise situation with many people living in small units adjoining each other this can be a problem. Also thorough inspection and treatment of common areas is very important as this can be a point of spread. In unattached structures they are always transferred in. They do not come from outside. Here are the most common ways we see people attract bed bug infestation.

  1. Used Furniture brought into residence.

  2. Travel (Picking them up in hotels and resorts)

  3. Visiting an infested residence, Watch T.V. Eggs get on your clothes.

  4. Having visitors at your home that have infestation at their home.

  5. Moving Vans (Who rented that Truck before you ?)

Day Care Centers

Clark Pest Remedy,Bed Bugs, Box Springs, Atlanta, Georgia
  1. Be Careful where you go. Unfortunately people will not always tell you they have bed bugs. It is imperative that you avoid infested areas in order to avoid infestation. It is very difficult however the more knowledge you have about bed bugs and their nature the better chance you have of living Bed Bug Free !

  2. If you are getting bites or see what appears to be Bed Bugs give us a call at Clark Pest Remedy – 770-957-1915

  3. For more information about Bed Bugs in the Atlanta Georgia Area go to www.bedbugsatlanta.net

  4. For info in the Middle Georgia and Macon Area go to www.maconbedbugs.com

  5. North Georgia Area info is at www.bedbugsclark.com

  6. Published 05-01-2014

  7. by Garey Clark

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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