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Hotels and Bed Bugs in Georgia !

I must be straightforward and say I feel for the Hotels as Bed Bug populations grow.

Bed Bugs Hotel Savannah

Ok, so they rent a room to some guy from Iowa that has bed bugs at his house and he brings a few with him and drops them off. Until someone sees or notices something what could the hotel manager do ?

  1. Put encasements on all the mattress and box springs. This disallows access to them and makes them much easier to find at the beginning stages of infestation.

  2. Train Housekeepers to recognize the signals or bugs before the room is rented. (Good Luck !)

  3. Have Sensor Dog sweeps on a regular basis.

  4. Use Thermal Remediation Treatments to immediately solve the issue.

If they ignore the issue or don’t have a plan of action then it would be considered bad management.

You can pick up bed bugs in any hotel. The higher end ones usually are more proactive but not always.

Bed bugs head in sand

The best thing you can do is take a small good flashlight with you and do an inspection before you unpack. Familiarize yourself with what Bed Bugs look like and the excrement. Don’t forget the headboard as we find a lot in headboards because of disturbance.

Bed bugs hotel Macon
  1. Put your suitcase in the bathroom

  2. Put your dirty clothes in a plastic bag and seal. (Bed Bugs are attracted to worn clothes)

  3. Don’t use the dresser for clothes.

  4. Mattress Safe makes a suitcase encasement. (Cool) Keep your suitcase in it except when you are dressing or bathing and seal.

Just contact management and they should move you. If you have been in the room for some time put your clothes in a dryer and vacuum your suitcase thoroughly. When you get home leave suitcase in garage. Bag clothes and the ones you have on and dry them again. I dry mine daily when I get home from inspections. Strip down in garage and throw them straight in the dryer (Make sure you don’t have any company) Take a shower and you should be good.

We provide Bed Bug Education classes for Tenants, Management, Staff etc. We also have a couple of training classes on our YouTube channel.

Education is one of the best weapons you can have.

Give us a call at 770-957-1915 if you have any questions.

Have a Fabulous Easter and to our Jewish friends Happy Passover!

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