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Home Purchasers - Get Your Own Termite Inspector - McDonough, Ga.

Updated: Dec 20, 2022



Termites Do More Damage to Structures than

Fires or Storms.


The Georgia Wood Infestation Report is the Only Report Accepted for Real Estate Closings and Refinances. If you get a termite inspection on another form it will not be accepted. This Report is also regulated by the Ga. Dept of Agriculture. if a structure has been deemed clear and any of the conditions are found within 90 days the operator must complete a satisfactory treatment for said issue.

Everyone that owns property with a structure has Homeowners Insurance. If you have a mortgage, you have no choice. The lenders don't want to finance a property with damages from Termites.

When you purchase a property you should get your own termite inspector to work for you. " But I get a "termite letter" at closing" . Boooooo. Bad idea.

I don't work on commission. I'm the only one in the deal that doesn't.

I work for my client. The Truth Shall Set You Free" We know construction. I have only been doing termite inspections since 1978. We find what I find and document it. No matter what.

You should see the difference in a report completed by a purchasers termite inspector rather than a sellers termite report. You say "it should be the same". It's not. Lots of things "should be".

You wouldn't buy a used car and use the sellers mechanic ( Uncle Joe) to check it out for you would you ? But you are making the largest purchase of your life and accepting a Termite report from the seller.

I was asked to inspect a property for a purchaser recently. When I went around the outside and interior everything looked fairly normal. When I went under the crawl space I noticed the wood looked strange. I did not find any signals from termites. The house was about 15 years old. No signs of termite treatment. The wood was soft and had water marks consistently throughout the sub floor. My screwdriver could easily tear into the wood, which was damaged by something besides termites. What happened here ?

It appeared as if there had been a fire or huge leak in order for all of the sub-floor wood to be damaged like this from water. I called the client and emailed him my report.

I mentioned to him that I found no signs of termites but I recommended he get a construction expert out there to evaluate the sub-floor. He called me 2 days later. Turns out, the house had been in a fire and when they hosed it, all of the wood was soaked . Someone tried to save money by not replacing the sub floor wood and now my client is getting ready to buy it.

To repair this damage the estimate was $41, 000. Needless to say he did not buy the house. Was he glad he had his own inspector ?

My Main point is. "Someone did buy the house"


Had another one that a guy was selling that he had painted and covered up termite damage throughout his garage with no signs of treatment. His basement had an interior bathroom with the smell of Dursban. I looked behind the insulation, only to find damage. I told him we would not be able to issue a Report without treatment and I would have to disclose the areas of Infestation as there may be hidden damage in those areas. I gave him an estimate and never heard from him again. There is nothing stopping him from calling as many companies as he wants until somebody misses it and issues the report. The poor purchaser has no knowledge of me or anyone else going out there and finding the damage.

Did the buyer know that I had uncovered all of this damage ? NO He or She doesn't know I exist.

The Buyer received a clear Termite report that didn't mention any of this damage. Because the report the Termite Company issued has disclaimers that only these conditions apply.

Not responsible for moisture caused by leaks . Plumbing, roof, fireman

Not responsible for inaccessible areas. (only visible signs)

( the only problem with this, is a slab home is 80% inaccessible visually)

Finished basement - same. Only Superman can see behind walls.

Here is an excerpt from the language in the Georgia Report


An inspection of the below listed structure(s) was performed by aqualified inspector employed by this firm to determine the presenceor previous presence of an infestation of the listed organisms and si not intended to be a structural report. Neither si this a warranty as ot absence of wood destroying organisms. This report is subject to all conditions enumerated on the reverse side and is issued without warranty or guarantee except as provided in Rule 620-6-03 of the Rules of the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act or subject to any treatment guarantee specified below,

Conditions on back.


1. This report is limited to the five organisms listed.

2. This report covers only those structures listed on the front.

3. Inspection, including sounding and/or probing, was performed in only those areas which were readily accessible. Inaccessible areas not inspected include, but are not limited to areas obstructed by, floor coverings, wall coverings, siding, fixed ceilings, insulation, furniture, appliances or other personal items. The inspection also included a check of company records to determine if the structure has been treated and/or under renewal contract with the company within the past two years for any of the covered organisms. A copy of any current Exception Form II for this structure must be included as part of this report.

4. Reporting of Wood Destroying Fungi on this report is intended to cover only white rot, brown rot or water conducting fungi (Poria incrassata) infestations which occur below the first floor level and which result from moisture conditions which can be corrected through application of moisture barriers and/or increased ventilation and is not intended to cover conditions resulting from roof or plumbing leaks, or improper drainage of surface water. This report does not cover the reporting of molds and mildews. Structural Pest Control companies are not responsible for inspecting for molds.

5. The term Wood Boring Beetles as used on the reverse side means only those beetles which are known to establish and maintain a continuing infestation in structures, such as, but not limited to the Old House Borer.

6. Regardless of whether any visible evidence of infestation by any of the listed Wood Destroying Organisms is found during inspection, if an infestation of one or more of these organisms from which apparent freedom was certified is found within 90 days of issuance of this report the property shall receive, free of charge, a minimum adequate treatment for control of the infestation consistent with Rules 620-6-.03(1)(a), (b), (c), and (d), of the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act. Any condition conducive to infestation as defined in item nine (9) below that is known to have existed at the time of inspection and was not reported and is found within two (2) years from the date of the report shall be corrected free of charge by the licensee.

7. This is not a structural report. A wood destroying organism inspector is not ordinarily a construction or building trade expert and is therefore not expected to assess structural soundness. Evaluation and correction of damage which may have resulted from an active or previous infestation should be performed by a qualified inspector in the building trade, who is approved by the purchaser and the lending agency.

8. This report implies no responsibility on the part of the Georgia Department of Agriculture or the Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission to enforce or require anything other than treatment or retreatment to the minimum adequate treatment requirements specified in Rule 620-6-.04.

9. Conditions Conducive To Infestation means conditions that exist in a structure that favor the development of wood destroying organisms. These are limited to: cellulosic material underneath a building, wood in contact with the soil which has not been treated with preservatives to a minimum preservative retention designed for ground contact and ventilation that does not meet the requirements specified in Rule 620-6-.04(1)(a)(8).

As you see it disclaims many areas and conditions.

Main Point - Get your own Termite inspector to check the house you're buying. May be the best $200 dollars you have ever spent. Kind of like buying a used car but with extra zeros on the end.


Give Us A Call Today If you Have Questions


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