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High Rise Bed Bug Problems in Atlanta Georgia

Senior High Rise Units are a very difficult situation to Control Bed Bugs !

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I will give you an example of why.

Bed Bug Management Quiz

Patricia lives in an elderly high rise complex and somehow has a heavy bed bug infestation she has just found. She lives in Unit 307 on the 3rd floor. Wendell lives to the left in 305. Maurice lives to the right in Unit 309 on the other side. Both of their units adjoin Patricia’s unit and have common walls.

Patricia has a friend Gladys that lives up on the 9th floor in Unit 906. They have both been living there for a while and Gladys visits Patricia and vice versa. Gladys spends quite a lot of time in Patricia’s unit watching TV and such.

Who do you think has the most likely chance of obtaining bed bugs in their unit ?

Gladys for sure !

Wendell and Maurice also have a risk of them crawling from Patricia’s unit into theirs but Gladys has a higher risk because she is sitting on infested couches and chairs on a regular basis. She is at high risk of having eggs or bugs attach to her clothing and then taking them back to her unit.

In a lot of cases management might get the adjoining units checked when Patricia’s infestation was found but the high risk Gladys would many times be overlooked.

In other words they are more likely to transfer on human clothing or items present than to actually crawl on their own into adjoining units.

How can you expect Management to keep up with who their tenants friends are and who visits who ?

This type of facility can very tough to control bed bugs in. If you manage a facility give us a call and we will implement a consistent proactive Bed Bug Program with Regularly Scheduled Sensor Bed Bug Dog Inspections.

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If Treatment is needed we can successfully use our Thermal Remediation Heat Equipment to eliminate them.

Go to our Bed Bug Website for lots of information about Bed Bugs in Georgia.

Give us a call at 770-957-1915 to get your Bed Bug Program started Today !

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