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Extreme Bed Bug Infestations – Clark Pest Remedy – Atlanta,Ga.

Exterminate and Kill Bed Bugs Even in Extreme Situations

You see these videos and pictures and say”How did it get this bad?”

Check This Out !

In Atlanta, Ga. and surrounding areas bed bugs have emerged as a huge problem for exterminators.

We see situations that make you scratch your head in disbelief.

bed bugs sofa,atlanta,ga.,clark pest remedy

We provide Bed Bug Education classes for groups in housing environments (tenants meetings,mgmt education, homeowner groups, etc.) so they will be more familiar with what bed bugs look like. Also we go over what steps to take and what not to do. One of the main things we see is throwing furniture away. This can spread them down the halls and interiors of buildings if not wrapped well.

This is not the answer. If you are interested in having a class for your group please call 770-957-1915

We use Thermal Remediation Heat Equipment to eradicate

bed bugs in Georgia.

Bed Bugs have no resistance to temperatures above 118 degrees.

A typical treatment takes about 5-7 hours. We can almost always eliminate the problem in one treatment. Heavy Infestations can take some additional treatment to eliminate permanently.

We provide a 90 day warranty with our treatments.

Call 770-957-1915 Today for a Free Evaluation !

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia


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