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Effective Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs in Atlanta,Georgia

After Positive Verification that Bed Bugs are Present

A Quality Treatment Program Should Be Implemented !

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The Most Effective Way of Eliminating Bed Bugs is by raising the Temperature in the living area to over 118 degrees. Adult Bed Bugs die at these higher temperatures within minutes. The eggs however take a much longer period of being exposed to the heat. It is recommended exposure of 2 hours to render them unviable. Our Heat Treatments generally last 5-6 hours from start to finish. This can vary depending on floor and wall coverings.

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All of our Equipment is Temp-Air Thermal Remediation Professional Equipment designed for Bed Bug Treatments in Structures. We have generators in our trailers and trucks that supply the power for our electric heaters. It usually takes about an hour or more to get the heat above 120 degrees. After that we sustain the heat for at least 4 hours. We usually heat at 130-135 degrees and with the addition of placement fans this evens the heat throughout the structure. We also keep track of the treatment by using a computer and sensors that wirelessly connect from the exterior.

In most situations we use a pesticide spray in critical areas during the heat – up time. We also take off electric outlet plates in infested areas and use our Exacticide Duster to treat voids and cracks. At the very end of the treatment as we are setting the beds back up we recommend putting encasements on all mattresses and Box springs. With this treatment we offer a 90 day warranty !

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