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Don’t Be A Knucklehead About Bed Bugs in Georgia !

I just witnessed one of the Dumbest things I have seen regarding Bed Bugs !

I received a call from a Senior Assisted Living Complex about a unit that is infested with Bed Bugs. Upon Inspection I found Activity throughout the unit. Picture Frames,Mattress,Box Springs,Couch all heavily infested. His Mattress and Box spring were loaded with Bugs. It was an easy confirmation of evidence. I explained the treatment process to the Maintenance director and the Tenant. We scheduled it to be treated in the next few days. I leave and am down the road and I get a frantic call from the Maintenance Director and the Tenant takes the mattress and drags it down the hallway out the front doors and out to the dumpster. He goes back in and drags the box springs through the halls and the Maintenance Director finally sees him. What Do We Do? He probably just spread Bed Bugs Down the Hall. And His unit is at the very end of the hall. He passed 20 units as he is taking this stuff out. I told him to Immediately treat the Drag Area after vacuuming very thoroughly. He is somewhat limited on what steps he can take with all of the Senior Tenants.

infested encasement bed bugs clark pest remedy atlanta georgia

It is bad enough that they have to deal with an infested unit. This Tenant brought the Bed Bugs in to begin with. And now he almost seems intent on spreading them all over the complex. Misery Loves Company ? If you decide to take an infested bed or furniture outside in an enclosed building. Please WRAP it up. DUUUUUUH!

bed bugs heat treatment trailer clark pest remedy atlanta georgia

If you have any issues with Bed bugs in Georgia and need information or an inspection call Clark Pest Remedy and you can go to the Bed Bugs Atlanta Website

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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