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Does Macon,Georgia Area Have Bed Bugs ?

The Answer is YES !

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We receive a lot of calls from the Middle Georgia, Macon Area. Notice all the Black excrement marks on the mattress and box spring. Very often you may not find the live bugs easily however their excrement is usually the evidence that gives it away. Most of our customers obtain Bed Bug infestation through traveling, bringing in used furniture, or visitors.

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The Adults will lay eggs usually in cloth or wood. They prefer cloth overall but will sometimes nest in unfinished wood. They can be found behind picture frames,electric outlets,behind baseboards and any other source especially close to a sleeping host area. Once you have determined you have activity we recommend turning it over to a professional. It is best not to tear into and disturb the present situation because that can cause them to spread to other areas. The same can be said for spraying and fogging. Many times you may kill some of them but the spread is difficult to control. If you can keep the infestation contained it is much easier to control and monitor. If you know you have Bed Bugs you need to be aware of how they spread so that you do not spread them to others. I have seen long time friends that no longer speak because of Bed Bugs spread.

Awareness and Education is very important when trying to eliminate Bed Bugs. Be Familiar with what they look like and how they spread. This can help you immensely when traveling or maintaining your household.

When it gets like this picture below you have a major infestation and spreading is almost certain.

Bed Bugs Couch Leather,Macon,Georgia Bed Bugs, Clark Pest Remedy

If you sat on this couch for a moment or two you could very easily bring the eggs or bugs back to your home.

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