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Do’s and Don’ts with Bed Bugs in Atlanta, Georgia !

What to do about Bed Bugs In Atlanta, Georgia !


Pay Attention to Items Brought into your residence.

If you stay in a Hotel Do Not Take Your clothes Out Of Suitcase.

Tie any dirty clothes in plastic bags.

Run Suspected Clothing through dryer for 30 minutes.

Be Familiar with what Bed Bugs and their fecal stains look like.

bed bugs fecal stains clark pest remedy atlanta georgia


Don’t bring used furniture into your residence.

Don’t allow possibly infested people stay at your residence.

Inspect Picture frames,books or any items brought into residence.

Don’t go to high risk situations.

bed bugs couch clark pest remedy atlanta georgia

If you take these precautions you are much less likely to have bed bugs show up at your home.

If you do however get bed bugs or think you may have them. Call 404-382-8206 or go to Bed Bugs Atlanta

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