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Do a Bed Bug Treatment On Your Own


We want to give you some pointers to try to alleviate the issue. It takes some work and some research but it can be accomplished.

First thing we do is make sure it’s bed bugs.. Do not go to the treatment stage until you are sure we have the right Target Pest.

Be familiar with what you are looking for. If you have definitely identified live bed bugs then skip this next part and go to treatment,

Get a flashlight and start with the bed. Inspect while removing Pillowcases and bedding. Look for Bugs, and Excrement marks.

They do cast off their outer shells but people get confused because many insects leave similar, so skins don’t count.

Bed bugs and excrement Clark pest remedy
Bed Bugs and Excrement marks on Couch

Check the mattress first and concentrate more up near the head.

That’s where the CO2 is produced. Check the seams and gathers.

If you don’t find anything, Check the headboard and the ceiling above bed. If nothing, take mattress off and inspect box springs. Look closely at where screen is stapled in corners near head. Don’t rip screen off. Boooo.

Get a trash bag and a razor or scissors and cut it just inside the stapled area and put in trash bag and immediately chunk outside. Check under the folds around box springs. That’s a common hiding place. Convenient to the food source and rarely disturbed. That’s what they like. Also check couch and recliners.

if you have checked all of this and see no Evidence There’s a great chance it’s not bed bugs.

Bed Post Monitors - Bed off walls-nothing touches except bed monitors.

bed bug bed monitors
Bed Post Monitors for Bed Bugs

cardboard bed bug monitors
Cardboard Bed Bug Monitors

The cardboard monitors are placed between mattress and box springs around the edges for monitoring activity. They love cardboard and will usually choose this. I make and place about 6 per bed and 5-6 per couch. and then just check them weekly for signals.

if you do see signs then here we go with treatment.

There are so many products in the market that claim to kill bed bugs. Most will if sprayed directly on the insect but you won’t win with that mentality. Some of the products available that are good for doing this over other choices in the area if they are present.

  • Cimexa Dust

  • Alpine Aerosol and Mix

  • Crossfire

  • Temprid

  • Bedlam

These are the most widely used by pros.

Cimexa dust is a desiccant dust and dries them out basically. You don’t need very much and it is to be puffed into cracks, screwholes, joints, voids, baseboards. (Around host areas especially) use eye protection. Lasts a looong time.

Sprays and aerosols are used under, around, behind host areas. No matter where the bugs are they must have a meal every so many days, so protect the host areas and you will see a gradual decline in activity.

Alpine aerosol is great for using around host areas as is the WSG mixture.

Crossfire is also a good product for similar use.

Temprid has been around a long time but is still a good product for spray for bed bugs.

Bedlam is good for treatment for actual furniture. Most are not labeled for mattresses.

Mattress Encasements are very helpful but encase the box springs also.

Make sure beds do not touch walls for now. No bedding either. Nothing but posts so you can monitor the ladder system.

Treat bottom of couches and recliners.

Treat baseboards and head boards.

Repeat every 2 weeks until you see results.

If you don't want to go through all of this and want a Professional give us a call at


Or visit us online at Clark Pest Remedy Website for more information.

Hope this has been helpful.

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