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Do I have Bed Bugs or Not ?

Many people think they may have Bed Bugs in Atlanta that Do Not !

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We get a lot of Bed Bug calls. In some cases these clients know they have Bed Bugs and have been fighting them for a few weeks or months before giving up. However we get a lot of calls from people that suspect they have bed bugs because of a bite or a stain they find.

About 30 – 40 Percent do not have Bed Bugs. Sometimes we can determine what it is. Sometimes not. However we can determine that they do not have Bed Bugs. I did a K9 inspection yesterday for a nice young lady. She did have some bites. When I took my dog out of the car and let him have a moment in the front I got bit by something in her front yard 4-5 times. After inspecting her house and finding no signs or K9 responses I surmise that she is getting bit by the same thing that nailed me. But I did not see anything so I am not sure what it is. But its not Bed Bugs.

This is Bed Bugs we found after a K9 response.

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I recently received a call from a man who had a Foreign accent. He was tough to understand but he wanted me to bring the K9 out to his house. When I arrived I found him and his family to be very nice people. I asked him “Why Am I Here” ? “When did This Start ? He said they have been dealing with this problem for a year and a half. I asked “What happened” He said his wife had some bites on her and after looking on the internet he said it matched up with Bed Bugs. I asked “Did you see any Bugs or evidence of Bugs ? “No”

“OK What did you do” ? I called my Pest Control Company that treats my house. “OK What did They find ? Any Bugs or Evidence of Bugs” ? No “OK What did they do”? They treated my house. I replied “For What” He said “Bed Bugs” So we have a Professional Company that is Licensed treating the whole house for Bed Bugs and no evidence has been found. “OK then what happened” We went for a few months and everything was OK then my wife got some more bites. OK then what did you do ?” “I called my Pest Control Company back. “Did they find any bugs or evidence of bugs” ? No What did they do ? “They treated my house again. “For What” ? Bed Bugs. So now the house has been treated twice for a few thousand dollars and no one has ever discovered anything.

I started looking around the house and I noticed he and his family were sleeping on army cots with Bed Bug monitors under the legs.

I asked ” What happened to your furniture” ? His wife turned to me and said “He threw all of our furniture away” $10,000 worth of furniture including a very nice armoire. All of our Beds “

After doing a very thorough inspection and finding zero I brought in my Ipad and also Paul Bello’s Bed Bug Handbook inside. I showed he and his wife pictures of Bed Bugs and infestations. He said he had never seen anything that resembled this. My K9 was not interested in any of his areas. Usually if an area has been infested his interest level will spike even if there are no bugs present. He won’t respond to this but his body action tells me there may have been infestation here before. He showed zero interest.

So this family has been living through this for a year and a half. He has spent thousands on Bed Bug Treatments and thrown $10,000 worth of furniture away and the guy never had bed bugs to begin with. I told him I really wish he had called me a year and a half ago.

Just another nutty True Bed Bug Story from Garey Clark at Clark Pest Remedy in Atlanta,Ga.



Do Not Start Treatment for Bed Bugs unless you have some evidence of them being present. And Please quit throwing Furniture Away. That is not the answer.

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Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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