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Consumers and Bed Bugs

As we go along the bed bug road I have seen that most consumers really don’t know very much about bed bugs. There is a lot of information online about them but some consumers don’t seem to do their homework. They should know one thing for sure. In most cases it is not their fault they are infested. They also seem to think that they are related to unsanitary or unclean situations. This is not true. They are little hitch-hikers that have an amazing ability to spread. When you travel there is a good chance of picking them up in hotel rooms or condos. There are hotel managers that do a pretty good job of being proactive about them however there are some that do very little to cure their problem. I went to one hotel that told me he had several infested rooms. He showed me 2 of them and at 2 oclock in the afternoon live adult bed bugs were crawling up and down the walls. He had about 15 rooms out of 70 that were infested. When given the price for treatment I thought he was going to have a stroke. He said he would just shut those rooms down because he didn’t need them right now anyway. He doesn’t understand that by blocking those rooms off he is just going to spread the infestation. If he understood how bed bugs work he wouldn’t do that. Or maybe he just doesn’t care. He will end up treating 50 rooms and of course that will be a lot more money to pay out. To be honest I feel sorry for the hotel industry in a way because they can do little to prevent someone bringing them in. With litigation going around they absolutely must be proactive to eliminate legal headaches. What have you found out there? Are you finding the hotels managers to be hiding their head in the sand?

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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