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College Students around Athens Georgia Watching for Bed Bugs !

With All of the colleges in the Atlanta,Athens,Macon,Rome areas it is quite common for Bed Bugs to show up in a college type atmosphere. There are many different ways students can acquire them.

bed bug couch athens georgia

Used Furniture gets infested and moved around. High Traffic Couch infestation , Used Mattresses , Travel are just some examples. Being a little more careful about who stays at your unit. They may have infested clothing or items and spread them to your unit.

Heat Treatment Setup !

Heat Treatments are completed in one day usually taking 5-7 hours. We use electric heaters powered by diesel generators in trucks or trailer units designed for bed bug elimination. We also use some dusts and sprays in conjunction with our Heat Treatment to cut down on spread and to give some residual after treatment. We heat up to 135 degrees and then sustain that heat for approx. 4 hours.

Call us at at 678-873-5785 for advice !

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

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