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Changes in Lifestyle Can Help To Avoid Bed Bugs ! Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Hi

How Can Changes In Lifestyle Help To Avoid Getting Bed Bugs ?

We do a lot of work in public housing high-rise and apartments. In a residential unattached unit you are not as likely to have a bed bug problem than if you are in an attached high-rise or apartment situation. While anyone can get bed bugs, lower income people that live tightly together in a social setting are more likely to get bugs.

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Lets Look at Why.

  1. Moving infested furniture into a unit

  2. Moving infested furniture out of a unit down halls to dumpster.

  3. Bringing in used furniture.

  4. Bringing in infested clothes.

  5. Visiting infested units.

  6. Having visitors from infested units or elsewhere.

  7. Infested Common Areas can spread to many units.

  8. Travel.

  9. Adjacent infested units creep over into your unit

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What Steps Can Be Taken To Lessen The Risk Of

Bed Bug Infestation ?

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  1. Property Managers – Do Not Let Tenants Move Furniture In Without Inspection By Trained Personnel.

  2. Use some type of monitoring devices (As Pictured above)

  3. Do Routine Inspections Of All Units. (Important)

  4. Educate your tenants on Bed Bugs. (We Do Free Tenant Classes.) Try to make sure they are aware of what they look like and how they can obtain them.

  5. When a unit is found to be infested try to curtail any traffic in and out of the unit until treatment is successfully performed.

  6. When a unit is found to be infested DO NOT START THROWING FURNITURE AWAY !

  7. When a unit is found to be infested try to find out about consistent visitors and have their unit inspected.

  8. Do Not Treat Without Visible Evidence of Bed Bugs. ( This includes K-9 responses )

  9. When a unit is suspicious of having Bed Bugs infestation have someone you can trust and rely on.

  10. Do Not Start Spraying Pesticides. (Alcohol and Water mixed 50-50 in a spray bottle works better for live bugs.) But try to not to disturb as much as possible for this can cause them to spread.

We specialize in Bed Bug Detection and Extermination in the AtlantaSavannahMaconAthens MariettaGeorgia and Hilton Head, SC.

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