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Can I Get Bed Bugs At An Upscale Resort In A Place Like Hilton Head Or St. Simons ?

The Answer Unfortunately Is Yes !

Bed Bugs can transfer into any property where transient situations are found. They have no preference to rich or poor. However I must say that you no doubt have a better chance at picking them up in a less expensive place merely because of management indifference.

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Most higher end resorts and hotels are going to be more proactive in detection and treatment. This is not always true !

A management company should use the Sensor Bed Bug Dogs on a regular basis to uncover infestation as quickly as possible.

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You can hire the dog to inspect your home or multiple units at a property. Call 678-873-5785 for pricing.

These dogs are accurate and quick.

Using Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments is the most effective process for remediation.

We raise the temperature in the treatment area to 130-135 degrees for many hours and use fans to simulate a convection oven type atmosphere. By exposing everything to the extreme temperatures all bed bugs are eliminated. Even the eggs. We do not carry any furniture out of the unit. When you do this you are taking a chance of spread. We also do not rely on pesticides ! While we do use some dusts and sprays, these are placed for containment purposes.

Bed Bugs have much resistance to most pesticides on the market today.

You will find Bed Bug Treatments overall to be expensive. Many companies do not even treat for bed bugs. If they do treat, most give no warranty or very little warranty.

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We give a 90 day warranty and use encasements along with heat treatment. We have been specializing in Bed Bugs for many years and have completed thousands of successful treatments.

Call 912-433-3671 – Savannah – St. Simons – Brunswick

Call 843-476-4301 Hilton Head – Hardeeville – Charleston

Have Questions or send us a pic to verify – Text 678-873-5785

Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia


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